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  1. cjadair3

    Vlf power

    Right on BD?
  2. cjadair3

    Loaded on the Flatty

    That’s cool!
  3. cjadair3

    Took a Hit

    I suppose it did...lol Sorry that happened to you though.
  4. cjadair3

    First Nugget...

    Congrats on your first nugget!
  5. cjadair3

    Almost skunked

  6. cjadair3

    Some Gold !

    Right on you guys! Nice gold!
  7. cjadair3

    Hi everyone

  8. cjadair3

    Challenging Day

    Very nice gold guys!
  9. cjadair3

    Gold is Not Where You Find It

    “Gold is where you find it”, “Gold is not where you find it”, not sure what the right answer is. However, I will tell you where it isn’t. It’s not in my neighbors front yard. Boy were they mad when I dug up their yard. I guess I was testing the “Gold is where you find it” theory. Maybe I should have filled my holes. But honestly, their yard looks a lot better now. 😜
  10. cjadair3

    Heat wave....

    Cool nuggets Adam!
  11. cjadair3

    Newcomers beware

    Meteorites? Cool! I heard of a guy that found 397 meteorites in one place. Can you believe that? Like COME ON! I’d believe maybe 396, but certainly not 397, dude’s full of it! But hey, since you’re not lookin for gold anymore, wanna do me a solid and hook me up with a couple good places to find gold. Just not the places you pepper. 😉😜
  12. cjadair3

    Newcomers beware

    He has a point though. The San Domingo placer area has very little to NO gold left....😉😉 Just a lot of trash and cactus. 😉 So, y’all may as well give up all your claims and forget you ever went there. I’ll just go out there to camp. 😉😉
  13. cjadair3

    Newcomers beware

    So that’s your secret! Man, I’m gunna try that. I found 8 little nuggets that last time I went out with the detector in my right hand. Maybe I’ll find 10 or more holding it in my left. Thanks BD, solid advice. 😉
  14. cjadair3

    Went North, there was cool air and GOLD

    Very cool!
  15. cjadair3

    Jeff Williams

    I agree, he’s a pretty smart guy.