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  1. I know I'm digging up an old post but can someone provide me a way to get a coil wire stabilizer? Thanks , John
  2. Great finds for a new machine 1st time out!
  3. Very interesting finds! I've never seen anything like it. Great info guys!
  4. I have 2 Garrett pro pointers and one carrot. I have no complaints.
  5. anyone else here use their bike to go digging? I always load my DRZ400S up and go digging. My TDI and AT Gold broke down nicely in a military backpack but I purchased a waterproof pack that's taller because the GPX4500 a little to long (only separates into 2 pieces.) Strap my shovel to the pack on the back rack and gone. Sure is easy on gas!
  6. Great find Hermit! I've been diggn 20 years and have yet to find any jewelry.
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