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  1. 21 hours ago, GearHead said:

    Probably find more with the dry washer but am tired of shoveling :barnie:.Enjoying exploring the desert with the detectors. GMT is good. Both machines definitely have there place. Hoping I might have good luck with the GPZ in some of the deeper ground in my area :fl:. If not I guess my right arm with just get really strong for holding the GMT. 

    The GMT is a very good easy to use turn on and go machine. Capable of finding gold...I once found a 8 gram nugget with a Tesoro Umax !!

  2. 20 hours ago, Au Seeker said:

    Well at least the gold you found is not htere anymore, but I'm willing to bet there is still a very, very, very very, tiny piece of gold everywhere you have found gold, as one of the other sayings about gold says..."nobody gets it all" !!


    No doubt there is still gold but its not reachable with my 4500. Worked it to death....100X ....the small  sub gram to 4 gram nuggets must be to deep. I have used every imaginable coil...the dirt is silent...Waiting for the next Minelab detector that can actually reach down and get those small deep ones :). Been waiting to hear about the gpz 7000 and how its opening up all those worked out patches..:idunno:. But seems like it may have fell short....I could be wrong...perhaps everyone is just keeping silent.

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  3. Wyoprospector,

    Listen, we all had to start form nothing...I started with a simple pan , sluicing, drywashing, sniping  ..and  invested in a dredge or 2. Eventually some of us joined a club or two to be around others who enjoyed looking for gold. I know I did all of the above. In time...you get to meet some cool people...some of those will show you how to reduce your learning curve by offering great advice. If you are nice fellow some will actually show you where they found gold !! Bingo !:ya:Believe it or not...a phone call, a text, or private message usually won't get you what you want. But if you take the time and network.and allow people to get to know you ..you will be on gold I can guarantee you that 100%. Bill offers group outings...many members here on the forum attend and have a great time, unfortunately for me I can't leave as I have many obligations . But if you are hungry enough to find gold, you would have found the way my friend. Detecting for gold is the most difficult way to find gold and probably not suitable for 90% . Some are diggers....give em a shovel, pick and sluice and they will find gold. Some like many on this forum ..can wander for hours swinging that detector as if they're in a trance...digging trash  and more trash and hoping that the next target will be gold, and if its not that day or the next if they keep on swinging that coil they will find it. Unfortunately success builds confidence, you have had no success...so you have no confidence. Here is some free advice..sell all your vlf's and buy a Minelab sdc from  Bill...go to areas gold was previous found before   and swing that coil and dig all targets. Good luck and may the gold gods shine upon you !

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  4. lol....yes for sure....digging deep holes is a pain..I have spent an hour on a  few only to find....you guessed it....boorb  trash. But as you all well know when your beepin in grounds that have produced gold nuggets....you got to dig them all...cause of the what if scenario..:ya:.  For me living close to the gold fields its a process of elimination....eventually the yellow will show itself. 

  5. 25 minutes ago, Saul R W said:

    I'm not sure how the diamond wedding ring got its start in Western culture.  For my folks, it's customarily a plain gold band, and the women manage to obtain their stones later in the marriage, one way or another.

    Diamonds as an investment are best purchased used.  Bought at retail, you take a loss walking out of the showroom, and it can take many decades to recover that initial loss, much less to see any gain.  Bought used at the right price, it's possible to realize a decent profit overnight.  Pawnbrokers know this.  I'd not be likely to advise someone to invest in used diamonds, though -- it's the sort of thing that almost requires instinct.

    Watched a documentary on De Beers ....basically De Beers marketing in the U.S. turn of the century..." A diamond is forever" De Beers slogan....it caught on. 

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