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  1. " I don`t think that the consumer should have to jerry-rig a brand new product for that price."

    That's my whole point of this whole post...I shouldn't have to grind the tray in order for it to fit the box, or find the proper glue for the silk screen after 10 hours of use, or grind the dang screw heads that stick out and get caught on this and that. I don't see it as negative comment but constructive advice for the consumer with dollars in his or her pocket who may find my review helpful. I have bought a bunch of Keene products over a 30 year span...this one I don't care for in particular. The End.

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  2. 34 minutes ago, boulder dash said:

    how is your recovery % wise?

     I complete the 5-bank drywasher last summer and had the opportunity to give it a test run for about 10 hours of loading time with a front end loader. Unfortunately that was the end of my seasons test  as my 11,000 watt generators motor went bad along with a few other modification I had to do to the drywasher , I had to pull out of the area and get my new generator repaired thankfully it was under warranty..and do so more mods. As far as the recovery % its hard to say...but the boxes did recover very fine gold and of course the more coarse pieces also. The area I did the test run was very close to the source so the gold itself is  larger ..if I were to go more downstream I would have recovered more fine gold that has broken down  rather than the large coarse pieces. Hopefully this season I will get  more hours on the drywasher and do more testing to get it dialed in just right. 

  3. The more I work on these trays the more I found  that could have been done better. I have been using a 3 " disc grinder to grind away at spots where it sticks. I have also found that the screws they use to hold the new and improved :laught16: Plexiglas below the tray  should be counter sunk  or ground down so it does not stick as it is slide into the box.  I still need to find a proper adhesive binder to secure the silk screen to the aluminum frame. At this point i have it where I can manage placing them in and taking them out without to much of a head ache. But since each tray is now redone to the best fitting box..I have to mark both tray and box with different colored paint to distinguish which tray goes with with the box it belongs to. 

    Boulder Dash,

    At this point after my mods grinding them and all I don't even want to speak to Keene...I am done with them..and will try to make the best of what I have. But I agree, keene is always trying to  reinvent the wheel..most of the time its inferior the the previous. Anyways, I am posting all this so others thinking of buying the new and improved keene 151s trays think twice...DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY...

  4. 4 minutes ago, Bedrock Bob said:

    Do you mean Spanish Music?

    None of these guys are Mexicans. All of this music is a product of "our industry". This is American music.

    It is as American as a ground beef taco. Just like Cinco De Mayo. None of it has anything to do with Mexicans or Mexico.

    Hey Bob, what I meant to say is music produced in Mexico in the Spanish language. The videos you posted it's obvious American as in North American created by its music industry. Hope it's clear now...

  5. There is a lot on the internet on gold prospecting in Serbia..Ispiranje zlata na reci Pek, prodajna izlozba, Homoljski motivi 2018...is a huge gathering of people who enjoy prospecting in this region. It appears this hobby is gaining a lot of interest in the last 10-20 years in gold producing areas. I found a few clubs...and even a fellow who makes dredges and sells them to local prospectors. Good luck with your project, I am sure you can build one that will surpass the small one in the picture. Good hunting..

  6. 59 minutes ago, chrisski said:

    I appreciate the pics.

    The only experience I have with a Keene 151 was a twenty year old machine, and it was an awesome monster.  I'm sorry to hear about the problems from the new one.  For the 20 year old one I used, the blower needed some maintenance done on it, but after that the thing went through dirt quicker than two of us could feed it.

    I still have my 151 from 28 years ago...with brigs motor blower. Works great.....I have also used the Royal king drywasher....very nice..but the only thing I don't care for is that you cannot remove the riffle tray completely out like the Keene. That was the decisive factor in going with the new Keene 151s riffles and boxes.  

  7. 11 hours ago, chrisski said:

    I wonder if some of your problems are with these things being hand made and the trays would only fit in the boxes they were built for.  Must be frustrating getting a big project like this and having these challenges from the beginning. 

    I would like to see pictures of the gold recovered.

    Hi Chris, I bought the complete new trays with upgraded riffles along with the Keene boxes...I liked the older Keene 151 as the trays were easy to put in and take out for clean ups. Nothing I can do about it now but warn others about it...as far as the gold recovery..here s a pic ..a few of them on top were detected near bedrock  that was exposed. 


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  8. Well the more I work with these boxes and trays the more I realize that Keene modified the trays and never changed the boxes.I can understand that redoing the molds to the box to accommodate the tray mods would be costly. But the new trays do not fit the boxes..hence I am having a hell of a time with it. They went from  the old black screen to silk screen, than added a foam similar to that stuff you put at the bottom of kitchen shelving, than a plexi-glas sheet to the bottom of the riffles that are screwed and than a separate gray in color matting that goes on top of the box between the tray and box. When you try to slide the recovery box its a huge problem, it don't fit! They should have redone the box to accommodate the new dimension of the tray. This project cost me a lot of money..I was going between the Royal box which would have  cost me around 375.00 a  piece and I choose Keene based on reputation...550.00 per box X 5 plus shipping 3,500! Well now I am really sorry I choose Keene...its seriously;y is not worth the hassle...When I sent a message with pictures to Pat, he never responded. This was a disappointment...anyways live and learn. I may have to just remove the plexiglass, the foam, and extra gray matting so it fits into the box and just slam it in...and go with what I have this season. I don't mean to Bitch about Keene, they have provided the prospector with some great equipment .but this  new moded out tray sucks big time. 

  9. I don't usually complain unless its warranted, but I have to say the new Keene 151S drywash recovery boxes have major design flaws. Recently I built a 5 bank drywasher I decided to go with the new 151s Boxes. Boy was that an expensive mistake...at 550 bucks a pop I wish i would have gone with the Royal boxes instead. Number #1 flaw the glue they use to secure the silk screen onto the aluminum gave way the first season of perhaps 10 hours of use. I am having to now find a better adhesive to redo all my new 151s boxes. Flaw #2, the trays and the boxes are not fitting making cleanups a royal pain in the rear..boorb. I took all my trays out of the boxes and measured each tray to the opening of the box wear it slides in. Each one is off by 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch so when you painfully try to install the trays onto the boxes it a Royal pain. They don't fit correctly in at all. Again i don't usually Bitch but this is driving me crazy...it shouldn't be so difficult to slide these in and slide them out. I regret buying these boxes. The extra matting they provide (gray in color ) to slide the tray on makes it even more difficult to slide them in and lock them on the opposite side... Soo think twice, maybe three times before you buy a Keene 151s drywasher.  I did communicate with Pat and he stated they are more difficult to install.. when i sent him a detailed explanation with pictures and measurements I got no response !!! Poor quality control, poor manufacturing practice hence a poor product. Ok , I feel better now.....I wish I had my old Keene 151....I had no problesm, sometimes good things aught to be left alone. The trays slide in and out....no freakin problem !!!!:ROFL:

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