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  1. Well the more I work with these boxes and trays the more I realize that Keene modified the trays and never changed the boxes.I can understand that redoing the molds to the box to accommodate the tray mods would be costly. But the new trays do not fit the boxes..hence I am having a hell of a time with it. They went from  the old black screen to silk screen, than added a foam similar to that stuff you put at the bottom of kitchen shelving, than a plexi-glas sheet to the bottom of the riffles that are screwed and than a separate gray in color matting that goes on top of the box between the tray and box. When you try to slide the recovery box its a huge problem, it don't fit! They should have redone the box to accommodate the new dimension of the tray. This project cost me a lot of money..I was going between the Royal box which would have  cost me around 375.00 a  piece and I choose Keene based on reputation...550.00 per box X 5 plus shipping 3,500! Well now I am really sorry I choose Keene...its seriously;y is not worth the hassle...When I sent a message with pictures to Pat, he never responded. This was a disappointment...anyways live and learn. I may have to just remove the plexiglass, the foam, and extra gray matting so it fits into the box and just slam it in...and go with what I have this season. I don't mean to Bitch about Keene, they have provided the prospector with some great equipment .but this  new moded out tray sucks big time. 

  2. I don't usually complain unless its warranted, but I have to say the new Keene 151S drywash recovery boxes have major design flaws. Recently I built a 5 bank drywasher I decided to go with the new 151s Boxes. Boy was that an expensive mistake...at 550 bucks a pop I wish i would have gone with the Royal boxes instead. Number #1 flaw the glue they use to secure the silk screen onto the aluminum gave way the first season of perhaps 10 hours of use. I am having to now find a better adhesive to redo all my new 151s boxes. Flaw #2, the trays and the boxes are not fitting making cleanups a royal pain in the rear..boorb. I took all my trays out of the boxes and measured each tray to the opening of the box wear it slides in. Each one is off by 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch so when you painfully try to install the trays onto the boxes it a Royal pain. They don't fit correctly in at all. Again i don't usually Bitch but this is driving me crazy...it shouldn't be so difficult to slide these in and slide them out. I regret buying these boxes. The extra matting they provide (gray in color ) to slide the tray on makes it even more difficult to slide them in and lock them on the opposite side... Soo think twice, maybe three times before you buy a Keene 151s drywasher.  I did communicate with Pat and he stated they are more difficult to install.. when i sent him a detailed explanation with pictures and measurements I got no response !!! Poor quality control, poor manufacturing practice hence a poor product. Ok , I feel better now.....I wish I had my old Keene 151....I had no problesm, sometimes good things aught to be left alone. The trays slide in and out....no freakin problem !!!!:ROFL:

  3. Bob,  the markings on the cartridges were smooth and worn. It had no markings at all. Would have been nice to i.d. the make and dates manufactured. But I found other relics dating from 1840s to the late 1850s. The 2 cartridges were fused and broke apart rather than sliding off. But they were center fire..so not sure when the first center fire ammo was made.

  4. 32 minutes ago, Au Seeker said:

    The old timers indeed use old cartridges to store stuff in, even gold, I know a guy that found one similar to the one in your photo that had old matches in it, I have also seen posted years ago on other forums by at least two different gold detectorists who gold found in a old cartridge, both of these were old cartridges that had been smashed close after the gold was put into them.

    Have you tried to open them up to see if anything is inside?

    I have not tried opening it up as of yet because it feels empty..nothing clinking inside and it feels light...I have also found old cartridges crimped at the very top ..but as of yet nothing inside. May just open it tonight..and take a looksie. I posted this just so in case anyone finds something similar..to pay attention as it may contain gold.  


    AuSeeker...yup found a few crimped also ...will open tonight and take a gander inside.

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  5. Not sure if its true but I heard that some gold rush era prospectors would use bullet casings to keep their gold in. They would use a larger casing and use a smaller casing that fits into the larger one. Found this one today..kind of a cool artificial. This is the second one I have found in the last 10 years... 

    bullet gold poke.jpg

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  6. Clearing out some prospecting stuff...I have two great videos , one is Gold Panning by Don Robinson..one of the best videos on gold panning, long and well done. The other is on drywashing included is a Keene  Product This is a must-have tool for your pack! Not only is it used for metal detecting, dredging and dry washing, it's awesome for gardening around the house! Easily scours out bedrock and irregular surfaces. Has 5 independent spring steel rods pointing downward. By moving the sliding rod attached to the spring steel rods can regulate the width. The finger follow the irregular contour of bedrock and surfaces for ease of digging. It is also super light weighing under 8 ounces! The other is an underwater Jobe made Scope..brand new..never used items...75.00 Bucks includes shipping!

    gold kit.jpg

  7. Another Detech..15x8 Mono...has to be one of my favorite all time coils...found plenty of nuggets. Ran smooth...but over the years became touch sensitive...No coil cover..has crack on bottom. Perfect for a repair...and new coil cover. 60.00 includes shipping.



  8. Another one I have is this Detech  DD coil for the Gpx series ML detectors....goes deep. I sold it previously but it got smashed by usps..so it was returned. I sprayed some sealant on the various cracks and it fired up just find. So the black marks you see was my attempt at waterproofing it. The coil is to big for me...the cracks need to be resealed...but last time I used it it worked nice and ran smooth. I  hear the relic hunters back east like this coil, and like I said it goes deep. 100.00 includes shipping west of Colorado.



  9. I have this 17" Nuggetfinder Mono coil for sale 75.00... includes shipping. I have not used it in a few years....may work fine but as I recall it may be a bit touch sensitive.

    I good coil that's found plenty of nuggets years ago, it would be a good coil for someone who has the ability to make repairs. I know some of the guys on the forum do stuff like that. 

    Like I said, this coil may just work fine...no coil cover...but overall its in good shape.



  10. In the Sierra's they show up in early spring ..when it warms up a bit.  I have 2 feeders going..there are hundreds living in the nearby oak trees..swooping down like a f16..to the feeders. At times they buzz so close to me I wonder how the heck maneuver so fast and change directions instantly. 

  11. The so called loss of depth is insignificant in my opinion. You wouldn't believe how tiny some of my gold pieces are found at very good depth. Get yourself three coils....small like a sadie, a medium one like a 11" mono and a 16" to 18" . Cover the ground you hunt with all three and you will have it covered....enhanced works well in medium and hot ground..Crank up the gain and go very slow. Well thats my 2,3,4,5, bits. Good luck.

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