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  1. Yup, my father also told me stories similar to yours, although it was in Europe plenty of stories of the war and the tough decade after. Rebuilding and restarting the small family farm all destroyed that had to be rebuilt ground up. It took the whole family. That generation sure learned the value of money, and were so much more self reliant as they had to do all the work on their own. Hardship builds good character in good people.

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  2. I doubt they kept the gold ..back in those days the family including young children who worked contributed everything towards the families well being. One for all and all for one. It's the only picture I personally have seen where children worked a rocker box. I am sure there were others..

    It appears this picture is form the Australian Gold Rush of the 1850s and not the Klondike which actually makes more sense considering the Klondike and weather hardships. 


    Many Children went to the goldfields with their parents and by december of 1852 their were almost 12,000 children on the Victorian diggins. Most

    of them spent their childhood helping their parents search for gold. They carried wood, looked after tent or hut and cared for animals. By the time 1880 came around government laws changed requiring children to attend school. Whats interesting is in states like West Virginia, children worked in the deep depths of coal mines. By  1910 their were 2 million children working in the coal mines of the United States.

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  3. On 11/6/2019 at 5:35 PM, matt said:

    Sorry not to get back with a price sooner. I would like to sell it for $300. I haven't started it for a few years so the float and jets might need to be cleaned (or maybe not). I'll get it out of the shed this weekend and start it up. It's got a Briggs and Stratton engine. I think I bought it for $500 from a guy that had used it a couple time. I used it once to crush a fat speci and planned on using it for sampling on a property I used to have permission to prospect. It may be expensive to ship because of the oil and gas (which I can drain for shipping, but I'm pretty busy right now). Let me know if either of you are still interested.

    Hi Matt, thanks for posting, I am looking for a much larger one....great price! 

  4. 27 minutes ago, mariposagoldbag said:

    I'm telling you, dig through all the trash where that trailer was and there will be nuggets...  I've been keeping that to myself in hopes of getting back out there but go get it!

    Its being slowly developed...unfortuately....if I ever meet the new owners...I may go up and ask if I can detect....but at this time its a no go area...

  5. 44 minutes ago, mariposagoldbag said:

    No, you never want to use the discrimination unless in a super trashy area.  When you switch the machine to disc mode you loose depth.  However, the disc meter will still be visible when not in disc so you can still get an idea of whats in the ground. I've been learning the Gold Monster more and the discrimination can be some what accurate on bigger louder signals but I've also had it say iron/trash on really small pieces of gold.  You know how it goes Relic, dig everything!

    Totally agree....I  was under the impression you were using your 5000 P.I. Looks like you are starting to master the Monster...I have lots of ground with trash overload..its rediculous! :grr01:

  6. On 11/4/2019 at 7:41 PM, matt said:

    Just got back from a day in the mountains. I'll touch base with you tomorrow.

    Hi Matt...if it dont work out with the other fella....I'd be interested to know the price. I am in the Motherlode area myself....please p.m. with a price, thanks.

  7. 11 hours ago, mariposagoldbag said:

    Well for the most part no poison oak, I've seen a small batch of poison oak and there's also poison ivy down on lynx creek.  Nah, all I've had to worry about is many different species of rattlesnakes, crazy ass yellow wasp that want to attack you aggressively and at random, chiggers, scorpions, killer bee's, not to mention the cactus, cats claw, mountain lions and I'm sure my inexperience in the desert is leaving something out.


    Actually man I live in Prescott, it looks a lot like Oakhurst and Mariposa in certain area's and there's all kinds of mountains.  Not what you would imagine when you think of Arizona.


    Since I'll most likely not get back out to the area we found all that gold I'ma tell you like this, go detect directly in the area where they removed the mobile home!  Last day I had out there I found about 4 grams of nuggets right on the road up there.  I'm telling you, all that gold is from an old creek channel that was way up on the hill and is coming from you know where.  Think about it.

     Dang, sounds like you better grow some eyes in the back of your head...this years been heavy on the rattle snakes...I have not seen so many in years. other than that...its not so bad. Prescott sounds nice...that piece of land is still open..may go visit it next few weeks, but I do agree with you on the old river channel source above..although I also believe their are a few shallow quartz stringers releasing some real coarse and gold float with quartz attached. I have found a few near by areas with multiple sources ...some nuggets are well worn smooth and river placer like, the other quatz with gold.

    Anyways good hunting in Arizona!...

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  8. Hi Goldbag, I've been hitting the hills as usual up my way..actually just visited that area a few weeks ago and found a small sunbaker. My 15" round mono didnt even go off on it on the surface!! So a vlf would come in handy on a few of my patches. Good to hear you settled near some good gold producing areas. No more hills nor poison oak to deal with..lol. Good Luck out there..

  9. I have seen some weird lights in the sky above Cicero , Illionois..I could not explain...I left the local YMCA at around 10:00 p.m. as I crossed the street something caught my eye in the sky. The light from this UFO  moved in a zig-zag, up and down and vanished upward at a speed and  pattern no aircraft we have today could do...There was an elderly gentlman crossing near me and I turned to ask him if he witnessed the object. All he said was ohh the government  is  probably testing rockets..I just said  nah it moved in a differnet pattern very fast. Anyways, not sure of what it was...but I know I saw it..Like Bill, it is what it is...hard to say its this or that without evidence..and to this day we have none. As far as our government hiding the truth form us. I doubt it...for  one reason, we are not the only advanced power on this earth ...China, Russia, India or any other country would have exposed it. 

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