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  1. After the 1970s, central banks bought into the idea that the U.S. dollar was the savior of the global financial system. When the 2008 financial crisis hit it became clearer that the dollar isn't as secure as was led. With huge debt, and trillions more printed every year, more nations are stocking up their gold reserves because of probable higher future  prices in gold. More nations are going away with the Petro-Dollar and using their own currency in exchange for resources like oil and natural gas. Heck India has even been buying Iranian oil with gold and rupees, Russia-China using national currencies  for mutual trade all this means the shift towards higher gold prices. Question is what will we do to stop this shift away from the dollar, because if things continue we may be looking at a major economic global depression or worse. Save your gold and silver.

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  2. 1 hour ago, RogerR said:

    Danny Boy

    The question you asked has been asked thousand of times and the answer you got is the same answer given thousands of times

    Do not expect any help from anyone here, some have so many claims that they will never be able to check them all in their life time

    But to let someone on a claim oh no you might find a piece of gold and people are so greedy they do not let anyone on

    First do research for what or where they don't tell you, join a club and go on their claims where everyone goes because they got the advise

    Is there still gold on those claims of course but it's slim picks, you go to an outing on a claim they do not put you on a spot that they found gold

    They have the outing at spots they didn't find gold. Gold clubs are like every other club a click here and a click there, unless you can get in a click no one is going to help you. Years ago gold was more available but now club claims are picked over so you have to be lucky

    And most of YouTube's only show finding gold so you watch their channel so what else get money

    Good luck to you hope you find a few decent guys to hook up with they are like finding unclaimed land

    Want to have fun buy a jeep or ATV or a utv sandrail or Baja bug, groups with those will invite you along to old cabins log and stone day trips, over night trips and lots of old spots and they will help you with information on how to fix things on your machine even parts and they will pull you out if you break down

    Why no money no greed in most cases

    Good luck to you what ever you do


  3. Any metal detector can find gold, for example I have found  gold nuggets with my old Tesoro UMax...vlf....I set the disc to eliminate iron and started swinging. My first  target was a 8 gram gold nugget. The Simplex is a better machine as it has multi features iMHO would do just fine on pieces of over 1 gram. At  250 bucks with all the Simplex has to offer its a good choice. Plus as you say its waterproof...

  4. Nice video...great background music....in the end i thought it was going to be a nugget..but as we all have been there before...:ROFL: more of that old miners trash. I'll check out your YouTube and subscribe..as I have not been out in a while do to Covid honey do lists around the house have been taken my time. Be careful out there ...and good hunting this year.

  5. Personally I think both sides of the isle are full of it, including so called news sources that favor their horse  in the political game. I have nothing against CNN nor FOX, they both serve their purpose when you finally understand it, it will not bother you as much. I put more credence behind news sources from abroad, many times they have journalist on the ground in areas we do not and all we have is the State Department or Pentagon spoksperson.  Outside of the weather report and sports news everything else is just an interpretation of some agenda driven, commercial supported fake news media. 

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  6. On 4/28/2020 at 8:21 AM, LukeJ said:

    Very nice !!   :cowboypistol:

    When you know there's gold in the dirt, 'slowing down' takes on a whole new meaning.

    Congrats !!  :thumbsupanim

    Luke that is so true, I have been to this location many, many  of times ..and occasionally still find one..the rest are to deep in the ground. 

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