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  1. That's the beauty of searching and finding gold. You can keep t, sell it, trade it, hand it down,collect it and muse over them once a while. Even if you don't find it often,and get skunked out you get to see some nice outdoor scenery and get some exercise. If your Boulder Dash and eat 5 meals a day ...well you better sell it all to feed that appetite. Hey Terry, you may not know it....but some of those nuggets you bought were mine.. :). One thing for sure is, there is no shelf life to it and it will always be worth something and one day it may save your B-tt ! I always find it funny when I meet someone that says ..gold is not worth much...tell that to the Vietnam family I met . They lost it all in the war...the only thing they were able to escape with was a chest belt with small hidden pockets that they were able to stash flat rectangular gold bars in. Came to America, sold the gold and opened a business...all their kids went to university and are now hard working professionals and citizens!!! GOLD gave them a start....the rest was up to them. Keep on Diggin. :) 

  2. Hi Nelson, yeah I shut the shop down...and could not make it up to Placerville for the show. I did attend the Mariposa Gem & Mineral Show At the State Museum. Been hunting regularly down here in the Hornitos area . Hope all is well sound Ike you been busy with mining yourself. Any more of those meteorites found I your area?

  3. Well...I am under 55...I post when I can..every time I get a new computer I have to log on with another name...but I have posted way over 600 posts over the years.I also think with 4 sites dedicated to us prospectors we are in some ways stretched.  As you all know most of us are on all the other forums...and those most active like to talk shop. Meaning detectors, coils, reviews,gold, gold and more gold. Personally I have shared some photos in the past, but notice many do not post their finds of fear of their locations being jumped. IMHO.... :)  the more we share....and I don't mean areas we hunt or specific locations....the more you will see people participate. I would like to see more on the new tech coils and from those that have them would love to hear opinions. All that may turn to dollars for dealers....

  4. I find this question intriguing..........it seems like there are two types those that sell everything they find, and those that hoard their precious gold nuggets for their very own reasons. I m sure many including myself...become collectors and find it difficult to " Let Go " of their gold , nuggets and finds.I was wondering how many of us keep em and how many sell em and why. Personally, I am learning to let go when the need comes.I do keep my most prized very safe and secure , but have over the years realized as i let go of some, more are found so it's nice to be rewarded for the hard work. Looking at the current domestic/global politics and the potential of  flare ups in many regions,and analysts predicting gold to rise in the next 3-5 years to the all time highs of 2,000 if not higher. Our economic debt, unpredictable economic stability and leadership that is looking like a circus more so than a stable country built on sound economics and security makes for an interesting future. 

  5. I had the Garret....I liked it a lot...built strong and did the job well. Now I have the Whites TRX, it's more sensitive, finds the target at a greater depth. It does at times have to be ground balanced by pressing the button and keeping it close to the ground than press button again to set.  I would own the Garret again.....may go back to it. I do lick the Whites lost pin pointer beep...I have lost it twice..found both times because I heard the beep. Lost it again the other day.....have to go back to area I used it last to hopefully find it the third time. :) 

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