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  1. So true, I had a number of coils but many of them went bad, so I am left with the 15x9 and the 20, and nothing in between. So just recently I scored a brand new Commander 11' Mono on Ebay for 60 bucks ! Need to get the option list up...next buy will be a new tech coil maybe a 15". 

    Garipmo, I have found with the large coil such as the 20..is to move it extremely slow in order to hear the smaller pieces at depth and larger of course. And a lower gain to reduce ground noise. I had mine gain at 10, stab at 8 and seems to work fine in my area. I also found that a smooth threshold is the key with the larger ones....




    Yeah I am glad to, to replace it would be over 500 bucks.....better take it off Ebay right now before someone snags it.:ROFL:...at 299.00 I am surprised it did not sell..:arrowheadsmiley:...



  2. Just a heads up on the larger coils....I have a 20" coil I have been trying to sell, but today made me realize I should just keep it. Most of the time I use a 15x 9 ellip...coil for my everyday hunting. I decided to put on the 20 just to get some depth and to see if there are any lunkers. I went to a spot I have found gold before , so I started scanning the ground and heard a whisper of signal a low to high but short rather than a long woo wee. I dug down a few inches and was now positive it was not ground noise, dug another 3 or so inches and found a small .63 gram piece with it.  A few years back I found a 15 gram at 22 inches !! Shes staying with me.... :)


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  3. Follows Camp was such a nice place to meet mining friends , before heading out we would enjoy a great breakfast and coffee at the restaurant.  The old rock fireplace would keep us warm as we chug hot coffee and spin prospecting yarns. After, we would get in our cars and head out to do some nuggethunting at some secret gulch or sluice in the river. The miners of the East Fork all knew each other or were at least familiar who worked what area. Although I lived an hour and a half from the East Fork , I could not wait for Friday to come so I could do that drive and meet some good friends and just enjoy our favorite activity. Pat and Mark Keene would test their new sluices and high bankers, in fact Jerry Hobbs and I tested a large 8 inch subaru powered sluice customized for an operation in Northern California. We had to use a 6 inch to dig a deep hole so we could back up the monster dredge...great memories they were. We had trash clean up days throughout  the year, sponsored  by prospectors clubs because of the mess the weekend crowds made. Never understood how people would just leave dirty diapers in the sand when their was a trash can just a few feet from them. Regardless, I considered the prospectors the stewards of that river..they were there doing what they enjoyed and made sure they cleaned up their own trash and others. Considering California mining history , its bogus that our government wants to destroy this heritage, step by step they take away someones rights. The pursuit of happiness is slowly diminishing in our country. Perhaps the future citizens will just stay indoors and play virtual reality games in their living rooms, drink their alcohol and live that blissful life not caring what our government does to them. I for one will continue overtly or covertly....doing what I enjoy and that's keep pursuing my happiness, in  the great outdoors....diggin gold. Hope you all do too...Happy Hunting.  

  4. nice job with the sdc...think you got it rung in pretty good looking at the lead shrapnel you found with it. I would agree with the rest, get it into and under those bushes. Just a while ago..I went to a spot I hit maybe 15 times but a few areas under and around some heavy poison oak bushes I stayed out off until I had no place to go but under it. So I went on my fours and swung and WAM !! A nice 3.6 gram nugget.

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  5. Always cycles...but if all sh-t breaks with more countries leaving the E.U. the global economic impact will be heard everywhere. Gold will rise....but Britex is just a temporary spike in gold price not along term trend.  IMHO ...Euro- Union will and should fail. Countries always had trade with each other.....the Union just benefits the 1%......Sovereignty...is the enemy of globalists. 

  6. That's the beauty of searching and finding gold. You can keep t, sell it, trade it, hand it down,collect it and muse over them once a while. Even if you don't find it often,and get skunked out you get to see some nice outdoor scenery and get some exercise. If your Boulder Dash and eat 5 meals a day ...well you better sell it all to feed that appetite. Hey Terry, you may not know it....but some of those nuggets you bought were mine.. :). One thing for sure is, there is no shelf life to it and it will always be worth something and one day it may save your B-tt ! I always find it funny when I meet someone that says ..gold is not worth much...tell that to the Vietnam family I met . They lost it all in the war...the only thing they were able to escape with was a chest belt with small hidden pockets that they were able to stash flat rectangular gold bars in. Came to America, sold the gold and opened a business...all their kids went to university and are now hard working professionals and citizens!!! GOLD gave them a start....the rest was up to them. Keep on Diggin. :) 

  7. Hi Nelson, yeah I shut the shop down...and could not make it up to Placerville for the show. I did attend the Mariposa Gem & Mineral Show At the State Museum. Been hunting regularly down here in the Hornitos area . Hope all is well sound Ike you been busy with mining yourself. Any more of those meteorites found I your area?

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