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  1. I can go either way.....but most people are used to grams as far as buyers are concerned. Take a look at some of the online gold nugget sellers..it's all in grams. Mineral / gold nugget collectors are probably more tuned to grams and not DWT/Pennyweight. For me, when i find a nugget I can get pretty close to guessing the weight....and guess which weight my brain is set on? Grams. :idunno:

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  2. Wow !!!! Thats a great piece ...my experience with Wink is it will cleanup the specimen nice of iron and dirt. As far as eating away at the quartz....it could take days, weeks and months. Rinse with water than tooth brush..at times a mechanical removal is necessary then back to more time in acid. The process can take some time.. But depending on piece, well worth the effort. Like they say above, use gloves and be careful. 

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  3. Hey now....and all these comments came from people who don't even live in California...to each his own, but we're not all liberals...some are moderates, some extreme left, some extreme right.....some just don't give a darn anymore and just want to crawl under some bush and hunt GOLD !!!

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  4. I've been detecting daily for some time now...and I have observed a few things I would like to share regarding older coils made by Coiltek and Minelab commander .I am beginning to realize that those so called older coils work very well indeed. Today I used the 15" Coiltek orange mono coil in a pounded patch that i hit probably 40 times with a variety of coils including the 12" round  and the elliptical 17 Evo coils. I noticed a slight threshold drop as I passed, now you have to realize when a patch is what i call dead...you need to listen and listen carefully to the slightest change in threshold. So digging down about 14" thinking a nugget for sure, I even took out the cell to video it...but alas a boot tack! This was deep...another hole I dug produced a lead old flattened lead  ball, third hole was a nugget and real deep!! All these areas I hit with Evos...so the point of all this is , if you have some old coils you wanna get rid of, give me a buzz, I like them. I have found regardless of the coil you're using, the key is..to swing slow, very slow and listen like you never listened before, get in the habit of doing that. Another thing I've changed is my gain...I max it out ...if the ground can handle it...I think sometimes we get in the habit of running the same gain settings. If anyone has a 16" Round Mono coil they want to get rid of....let me know. Remember don't walk over gold, go slow..slow..low,low and listen very carefully for the slightest change in threshold and dig it all. For what it's worth...

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  5. Still think having a personal digger and pay him/her digger a commission on the finds....Seen nugget hunters in Africa do that. Or a flat fee of 10 bucks a day....:thumbsupanim....imagine just flagging targets as you go along and have 1-2 people digging...and pocketing your gold!! :grr01::th:

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