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  1. Read  the book Bacon and Beans from a gold pan by James Coffey. Its about a young couple from the Bay area  making ends meet prospecting in the Southern Motherlode during the depression. An inspirational story of hard times, and overcoming it in the true spirit of American " never give up" attitude, there is always a way. 

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  2. One year and as long as your family don't suffer I say go for it. If anything you will build great memories of your adventure as a gold prospector. Your best bet is to work private lands..forget the claims, and public lands. And don't forget to keep a daily log and take a lot of pictures of your quest for that yellow metal. 


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  3. You can still enjoy some solitude on public lands and national parks if you go off season. Living near one of the most visited national parks in the country Yosemite...Summers can get crazy.  But Fall, Winter and Spring you have it pretty much to yourself. Took this shot of Half Dome in September....and avoided the crowds. 

    half dome.jpg

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  4. 21 hours ago, GearHead said:

    Probably find more with the dry washer but am tired of shoveling :barnie:.Enjoying exploring the desert with the detectors. GMT is good. Both machines definitely have there place. Hoping I might have good luck with the GPZ in some of the deeper ground in my area :fl:. If not I guess my right arm with just get really strong for holding the GMT. 

    The GMT is a very good easy to use turn on and go machine. Capable of finding gold...I once found a 8 gram nugget with a Tesoro Umax !!

  5. 20 hours ago, Au Seeker said:

    Well at least the gold you found is not htere anymore, but I'm willing to bet there is still a very, very, very very, tiny piece of gold everywhere you have found gold, as one of the other sayings about gold says..."nobody gets it all" !!


    No doubt there is still gold but its not reachable with my 4500. Worked it to death....100X ....the small  sub gram to 4 gram nuggets must be to deep. I have used every imaginable coil...the dirt is silent...Waiting for the next Minelab detector that can actually reach down and get those small deep ones :). Been waiting to hear about the gpz 7000 and how its opening up all those worked out patches..:idunno:. But seems like it may have fell short....I could be wrong...perhaps everyone is just keeping silent.

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