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  1. 7 hours ago, nugget108 said:

    You are 100% correct on that!! I hit a really big specimen one time. Luckily it was uglier than all get out or i would have definitely been sick. It was just host rock with ugly iron stained quartz. I crushed it anyway but i couldn't imagine if it was a beautiful solid nugget or milky white quartz.

    That imagination came to life for me many years ago with a solid  multi ouncer....needless to say I am to this day bummed about it. So these days I do have a pinpointer so when I come close to a target I suspect to be a nugget I slow down and dig it out carefully not like a lumberjack in a tree cutting contest. 

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  2. Just now, nugget108 said:

    I use them for hunting coins and relics but not for nugget hunting. For one, its just another thing to carry and for two, they really dont work well on small or specimen type gold if it has just a little amount of gold in it. Once you learn pinpointing with your coil, its just as fast. Just my opinion though!!

    Until you smack a huge nugget with the end of your pick...:ROFL: 

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  3. I see my ole friend Jerry Hobbs left middle orange hat , learned a lot about dredging from him, use to visit his shop in Azusa on the way up to Follows Camp up on the east fork in the San Gabriel mountains. One thing he always reminded me was to keep the fingers away form the edge of the nozzle of the 8 inch dredge and not to overfeed the sluice box. Some good reading you have there...

  4. Just now, GotAU? said:

    Bed liner is a great idea, I will have to try it also. Pink is a good color for tool handles also, no misidentifying the owner of those if someone borrows or takes them!

    Yes get the bed liner stuff, I was in a rush at o'Reilly's and took the trunk spray paint instead. It worked out fine after 3 coats, dries in 2 hours so more coats the better. 

  5. 54 minutes ago, Chet said:

    If it has metal flake or graphite it will show up with a multimeter check for conductivity. Put the multimeter into ohms mode and place the two probes firmly against the paint about 1 inch apart. If no reading or a reading greater than 10,000 ohms you are ok. Otherwise test the coil on a small test nugget.

    Have a good day,


    Hi Chet,

    Great idea , I  have a multimeter here and I will go check to see if it has conductivity, well it checked out good. :thumbsupanim Looking forward to using this Detech coil soon, in the past it has found plenty of little nuggies.

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  6. Update on my Detech 15 x 10 Mono Elipt. coil repair, I ended up buying some bedliner spray. I taped the front with blue painters  tape and cleaned the bottom part of the coil best as I could. I sprayed one layer at a time waiting a few hours for it to dry between coats. Only one problem I may encounter when I try it out, the bedliner spray I bought was a two tone gray/white...kinda had that spark to it...:aw-shucks: now I am wondering if it has metal aluminum flake in the paint. :89:

    coil after.jpg

    coil before.jpg

    coil top.jpg

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  7. 11 hours ago, Bedrock Bob said:

    Get the bright pink tool handle dip. It works great and makes a great fashion statement when you are out detecting. 


    Bob you are always good for advice,  your expertise on color will be greatly appreciated. Pink will do just fine as its a calming color and I like to be calm and relaxed  when detecting. :Detector:

  8. 5 hours ago, Bedrock Bob said:

    Why can't you just dip it in epoxy or paint it with bedliner? 

    PVC sheets are readily available. They form easily with heat. That is what coil covers (and knife sheaths and pistol holsters) are made of. Just get it hot and form it around the coil. If you really want to get fancy drill some holes in a scrap of plywood and draw a vacuum on it. A guy here made his coil covers that way and you can't tell them from the factory item.

    I use cloth sports tape around the edges. Works great. You don't really need anything else. The bottom outside edges are the only place you are going to scuff on a coil like that anyway.

    Bob, some great options you pointed out, next time I am at the hardware shop in town I will look for some of that spray on bedliner stuff. Thanks.

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  9. I 've had this great little coil made by Detech for a number of years but my coil cover is shredded. If anyone happens to have one or knows of anyone who has a coil cover for this pictured coil let me know. I called the U.S. distributor Rege back east and he said he had none told  me to call metaldetectors.com. Unfortunately  they had none. 


  10. Since you asked Bill, here are a few found with my Minelab 4500 and 11" Commander Mono coil. I just love the combination of the 11" Mono and GPX 4500..low and very slow to hear the deep gold. 

    2.5 gram and a 1 gram speci 2022.jpg



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  11. This one is just beautiful the picture doesn't do it justice, its coarse has some nice sparkle when the sun hits it. 2 Grams of California gold from the famous Motherlode region of California.   135.00 includes shipping

    2 gram nugget 2.jpg

    2 gram nugget 1.jpg

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