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  1. Well over the years my coils have gone south and I am searching for some coils if anyone has any in good shape for a good deal. I don't have a brand preference..only factor is that its in good shape and a fair price. So if you have any hanging around let me know....maybe we can make a deal...I am interested in coils in size 12" to 5" for the gpx.
  2. Good point, didn't think of that....think Wayne and Donna down in Laguna source it out...but not sure..may give them a buzz.
  3. Anyone know of any reputable mineral prep services in California who cleaning of specimens ? The only one i know of is collectors edge in Colorado...
  4. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it today January 7th and Happy New Years !
  5. Luke you killed it man !!! That would rate top notch of a day.
  6. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it today ..wishing you all good health and a prosperous golden New Years !!! We won't solve the worlds problems, but like most guys we love talking about politics. It's our nature..
  7. British spy Christopher Steele who handed the dossier on Trump won't step one foot into the United States nor Russia and all ex Soviet States...gee wonder why. If he goes to Russia he will change from a solid to a liquid ,in the States he will be forced by the Feds to testify under oath. To put it clear, Steele is willing to do anything for the all mighty dollar, including provide a fraudulent dossier. Build the Wall !
  8. Our subsidies to the sugar industry surpass 5 billion ! It's not about the money, it's about opposing anything Trump has to offer. Because we all know and have seen the Clinton's, Obama's, and the rest speak against illegal migration but did nothing with substance to stop the invasion until Trump. You may not like Trump even hate the man, but IMHO he is trying to do more for our country than many in the past combined. Anyways, he won..deal with it and in 2020 vote for your horse and make that change you desire.
  9. Wishing all search for him good luck...hope he is found safe.
  10. Its tragic the girl died, many do in the Hope's of coming to the U.S. for a better life. Has anyone considered how many lives will be saved on both sides of the border if a border wall with modern surveillance was built. As a legal immigrant, took 4 years by the way to get a visa and go through the correct process to immigrate. I support a border wall and the rule of law. By the way, the whole world uses the southern border to get here...its not that difficult. That wall should have been built decades ago.
  11. Who wouldn't want one of these San Francisco mint 124,000 (mintage) 10 dollar liberty head gold coins...I am offering this one at 700.00 includes shipping. P.M. if interested.
  12. This lunker would make a nice hanger, its solid and heavy just a gorgeous half ounce nugget with character. 790.00 includes shipping. P.M. if you have any questions.
  13. I am offering these beautiful Central Sierra nuggets for 649.00 includes shipping. P.M. if you have any questions.
  14. Happy Birthday Luke, make it a great day !!
  15. Perhaps major seismic events are coming...scary stuff.
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