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  1. Hi Tom, I am interested, please send me the details, as far as payment..I can do payPal or send a check also.

    My address is

    Fred Radonic

    4065 Wilburs Way

    Mariposa. California


    1. Relichunter2016


      Okay cool I will get it sent out tonight..my wife does the PayPal stuff...I get a bit lost as i dont use it often...

      Thanks again, 



    2. Relichunter2016




      Money sent at 6:33 California time.....


    3. TomH


      Roger that...we got it...will send it out tomorrow with a USPS tracking #




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  2. Nice pictures and beautiful country.....congrats on the nugget...
  3. without B.B. ....life wouldn't be so darn interesting ....
  4. get it while you can, and what to do with it....seriously? A simple search on the web will give you some ideas.
  5. This is an old story going back to 2016 when the news hit local and international media outlets about a 18 ozt nugget found at Woods Creek in Tuolumne County, California. I tracked the nugget and finally found out that its on display at the Ironstone Winery in Murphys California. I took a trip up ole Hwy 49 and visited this winery and discovered that they have one hell of a museum with a great collection of local gold form the surrounding areas along with relics from the gold rush era. They also have many gold specimens and native gold jewelry for sale, I also noticed some 16 to 1 quartz gold specimen available. If you find yourself in the region, stop by and visit they also have a great lineup of country music bands and artist throughout the Summer . The outdoor gardens and premises are filled with old gold rush era mining equipment including stamp mills. Below is the picture of Woodies Wonder which is held in the main vault with the more famous 40 pound Crown Jewel of Ironstone gold leaf specimen found in Jamestown..largest piece that came out of the lucky strike on Christmas day. Woodies Wonder contains 11.2 ozt of gold...
  6. All good things come with time..looking forward to checking out the book when its published.
  7. By the picture they just don't look right at all. To bad he didn't know to weigh them....but the weight says it all !
  8. The so called ' media" is the great divider, they feed division and hate especially in those not raised right. Those that control the media, images set the agenda and influence the culture. They feed the hateful ideas some have....but anyways..just one persons opinion. The media is a powerful tool...used to influence us all . Peace...
  9. Garifox, You have it covered, don't even think about buying anymore, unless they go bad...od course.
  10. Bait and switch tactic....love it...Peace to all.
  11. Come to the California Sierras....many little towns along the old Motherlode hwy 49....electricians up here make good money..you can prospect part time. If you get your contractor's license you can ask and will get a easy 45 to 55 bucks per hour. Heck just as a handyman electrician doing service work you can command a great hourly rate. My family moved from Chicago..all my uncles are electricians, including myself....actually these days I spend all my time chasing that dream.... detecting for gold. But reality is I'd make more pulling wire. But like the rest said..and I agree, its a tough go at the gold game...but not impossible to average out 100 bucks a day throughout the year.
  12. Commander 11" Mono......Killer coil on a Minelab...
  13. Check this interesting picture from the rover on Mars. Looks like gold leaf coming out of a iron vein formation..
  14. Not a good picture....if it is gold , you are a rich man...looks like flake mica to me.
  15. Dropped to 175.00 for Forum members. If not sold today will be listing it on FleaBay.
  16. Offering a used Nuggetfinder Advantage coil ...only missing a coil cover... 200.00 includes shipping USPS Priority PayPal Only
  17. Yup. its a good one......this baby actually has a nice 8 gram nugget under her belt......disc mode...went beep and surprise !!
  18. Advanced Prospecting & Detecting For Hardrock Gold by Jim Straight..signed. 20.00 Meteorite Hunting, How to find Treasure from Space by Geoffrey Notkin 25.00
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