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  1. That video is old, seen it before ....but its just another reminder no matter where you find yourself...watch your behind....while you watch those pretty Brazilian behinds on the beach. The funny guy with the hair color ...........was nothing but an idiot....hate to say it...but some of our own made them self look pretty stupid. How about our womens goalie in the soccer match against Sweden. She called them cowards for winning.......lol...Wow !!
  2. Nice job.....I have around 4 that went bad.................yard decorations they are now... ..
  3. sweet ....nice work and nuggets......:)
  4. Awesome piece and nice as it it..........let us know what it weighs....my guess is 3.5 ounces.
  5. The skunks sucks....hang in there...you know around the corner you will be in it again. Great photos !
  6. Looks like a great outing........nice pictures.
  7. Thanks guys, Andy...when I use the 20" my sweep from left to right and left again takes around 8 seconds. I have noticed if I go faster I will not hear the target. If I was hunting larger nuggets I would speed up the sweep just a bit..but not so much. Another cool thing I like about larger coils is I like the smooth threshold, on the other hand it does pick up more EMI than than the smaller coils..especially around noon. Tom, I will post the little nugget soon, my camera needs a charge. Good Hunting to you all..... Fred
  8. Shep, With that 12" Evo and the punch power of the 4500 you should do very well in your old patches. I swear my 4500 is getting more depth as it ages.. very happy with it. Good luck with your new combo.
  9. I wear them year round, just got used to them on so its part of my gear I put on and use every time I go out.. For me its primarily for protection from snakes, weeds and things that can hurt you below the knees. It's a peace of mind....my redwings are heavy, but solid. With my redwings snake guards, and knee pads....I feel like I am armored enough to hunt.... If your in snake country.....and not wearing guards..your taking a risk. A friend of mine was bitten, cost him thousands for anti-venom.
  10. Yeah I always wondered what can happen if you just hit it square on the primer. The shotgun shells freak me out even more. Took a metal detector to Europe back in 82-83 , back than metal detecting was pretty much unheard of in eastern Europe. Would have been a good time to really hit it, these days its pretty common with detector shops located in the big cities. One can buy one and start hunting anything from Roman, to Byzantine artifacts coins to war relics. In a few spots..you can even nugget hunt. One of these days I need to go back and search for the gold ducats my grandfather buried during WW2...suppose to be on the family farm we still own.
  11. Very true.....my uncle found a German potato masher 25 years after the war and was knocking it on a tree, my dad saw him and told him to stop or he would end up killing himself if it went off. Later that night they threw it in a fire and it exploded. Detecting the fields of Europe can be dangerous but rewarding as the land is full of treasures of many civilizations. I will stick to nuggethunting only occasionally I would find a live .22 cal , 12 gauge or .45 round.
  12. Would make a nice yard decoration.....https://www.rt.com/in-motion/351624-don-river-tank-voronezh/
  13. The sdc sure delivers , great job.....when your picking up pieces that small you can be sure you got it dialed in. The bigger ones have no chance....
  14. So true, I had a number of coils but many of them went bad, so I am left with the 15x9 and the 20, and nothing in between. So just recently I scored a brand new Commander 11' Mono on Ebay for 60 bucks ! Need to get the option list up...next buy will be a new tech coil maybe a 15". Garipmo, I have found with the large coil such as the 20..is to move it extremely slow in order to hear the smaller pieces at depth and larger of course. And a lower gain to reduce ground noise. I had mine gain at 10, stab at 8 and seems to work fine in my area. I also found that a smooth threshold is the key with the larger ones.... Tom, Yeah I am glad to, to replace it would be over 500 bucks.....better take it off Ebay right now before someone snags it....at 299.00 I am surprised it did not sell.....
  15. Just a heads up on the larger coils....I have a 20" coil I have been trying to sell, but today made me realize I should just keep it. Most of the time I use a 15x 9 ellip...coil for my everyday hunting. I decided to put on the 20 just to get some depth and to see if there are any lunkers. I went to a spot I have found gold before , so I started scanning the ground and heard a whisper of signal a low to high but short rather than a long woo wee. I dug down a few inches and was now positive it was not ground noise, dug another 3 or so inches and found a small .63 gram piece with it. A few years back I found a 15 gram at 22 inches !! Shes staying with me....
  16. nice job with the sdc...think you got it rung in pretty good looking at the lead shrapnel you found with it. I would agree with the rest, get it into and under those bushes. Just a while ago..I went to a spot I hit maybe 15 times but a few areas under and around some heavy poison oak bushes I stayed out off until I had no place to go but under it. So I went on my fours and swung and WAM !! A nice 3.6 gram nugget.
  17. sweet pieces......great pictures!!
  18. Intelligent and beautiful ..............not many of those around.
  19. Sweet gold.....thanks for the photos, the one of the dam is pretty awesome. Never been there, but heading to Vegas end of July may go down to check it out.
  20. Wow, great pictures, glad to see that beautiful desert landscape..I sure do miss it. Congrats on all that gold you been finding, and updates.
  21. The only yellow I see is what I do before I start my morning hunt..............nice one Frank !!
  22. Very creative, how do you value such a prize? $50,00, $100.00, $1,000, $10,000??
  23. Looks great......high heat and impurities in the body..and the pop goes up to the surface...makes sense. Find another nugget and use gold glue......or laser.
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