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  1. Sweet nuggets.....man that looks like a great day out....
  2. Any metal detector can find gold, for example I have found gold nuggets with my old Tesoro UMax...vlf....I set the disc to eliminate iron and started swinging. My first target was a 8 gram gold nugget. The Simplex is a better machine as it has multi features iMHO would do just fine on pieces of over 1 gram. At 250 bucks with all the Simplex has to offer its a good choice. Plus as you say its waterproof...
  3. Nice video...great background music....in the end i thought it was going to be a nugget..but as we all have been there before... more of that old miners trash. I'll check out your YouTube and subscribe..as I have not been out in a while do to Covid honey do lists around the house have been taken my time. Be careful out there ...and good hunting this year.
  4. If anyone has a used but in good shape coil p.m.
  5. Virginia City is a great little town and worth a stop if in the Reno area..one of my favorite shops is Marshall Mint, Inc. they have an incredible display of gold nuggets.
  6. Luke its exactly what I was referring ..I am grateful today that we can access news from all over the world.
  7. Personally I think both sides of the isle are full of it, including so called news sources that favor their horse in the political game. I have nothing against CNN nor FOX, they both serve their purpose when you finally understand it, it will not bother you as much. I put more credence behind news sources from abroad, many times they have journalist on the ground in areas we do not and all we have is the State Department or Pentagon spoksperson. Outside of the weather report and sports news everything else is just an interpretation of some agenda driven, commercial supported fake news media.
  8. Luke that is so true, I have been to this location many, many of times ..and occasionally still find one..the rest are to deep in the ground.
  9. With Covid and isolation the honey do list all of a sudden grew...form painting my daughters room to replacing the flooring, replacing hot water heater, to need to paint my house, replace composite roofing and so on. I did take a brief time out and dusted off my ML 4500 and hit some old patches with the intention of slowing my swing that a snail could beat me in a race. I cranked the detector on , backpack on, and started working a dirt road near a seasonal stream I worked before and found some nice pieces..I got a nice soft deep sound almost could be mistaken as ground noise form the iron minerals. I took the pick and scrapped off about half and inch and noticed this was solid packed clay, after about 4 -5 inches..I plucked this little .80 gram piece.
  10. In politics people may believe they care about specific policies or making the world a better place but generally are bored by policy detail and ignore accurate information that challenges their world view. The main stream media, web based news sources, all play the part in spreading deliberate disinformation and hoaxes that the masses feed on. Sensationalism sells...I challenge any of the forum members to watch English versions of news broadcast from other nations. Yeah, yeah.. .I can all ready hear some of you think ..sure foreign news sources all fake news...lol. Give it a try...go on YouTube and watch yes I am going to say it Al Jazzerra , DW from Germany or any other English language based news coming from anywhere other then this country. You will observe real news, you will also learn a bit about the rest of the world and their cultures and life. I call it intelligent news...for the thinking brain , not the sheeple we all have become watching CNN ,MSNBC or FOX. Each of them stuck on their own narrative that fits their politics. Mouth pieces for their party void of respect for the citizens. Anyways....peace to all. Funny thing is, these talking heads on tv..all millionaires...living the life and we the struggling , divided and fighting. hey maybe that's whats its all about. I like gold, pictures of gold, and best of all the search of gold. Hope you all get out and start swinging that detector. spreading news consisting of deliberate disinformation or hoaxes spread
  11. Nice day out...glad to see some gold on our gold forum finally....
  12. Thanks for sharing your story with us all...
  13. Totally agree, we had its so stable for a very long time....like you said...their is always a way to get food, and basic essentials, gray and black markets thrived in a few places I been.
  14. Always enjoyed Fred's post on all the forms, may he rest in peace, condolences to his family.
  15. Nice job on the specimens....good collection you have.
  16. Its a good practice run for something way more serious, verdict is we are like most nations unprepared with basic necessities beyond 2 weeks. After that the majority of our citizens will be expecting government to save them...leading to chaos, hysteria and violence. With major paradigm shift of powers and economy going form West to East, China's appetite to surpass us in fields of technology, military and economy the future seems even more uncertain. You can bet we will continue to use any means to squeeze them which will be a futile attempt and end in failure leading to more economic instability do to major competition. The economic pie is sliced to thin ...hopefully this virus will make us more aware to be better prepared.
  17. Some good post about readiness and survival...one thing I disagree on is we should not speculate or point fingers and conspiracies about who spread what. Virus is non discriminatory. As far as conspiracy theories ....you don't have to throw the rock across the ocean, just read up on our own government experiments on our own people. Operation Sea Spray just one of many. I don't trust any of them...but like I said....they are just as to fall victim to it as we are.
  18. Its REAL....just watched the video....
  19. Wanted to get off the Coronavirus/TP train and post a find..after all we are a metal detecting /prospecting forum. After many years of nuggethunting...I thought I would revisit relic hunting with a vlf. I took out my Whites MXT and headed to some grounds I spotted ground that appeared to be used as temporary camps form the Gold Rush. At first I was diggin everything until I decided to switch to the relic mode two tone setting so I can minimize my iron trash count and increase my non-ferrous. After about 2 hours I got a nice solid high tone ( non-ferrous target ) and dug this beauty ...one part of a 2 piece belt buckle cir. 1830 Pattern Naval Officer waist belt , As of yet I have not located the buckle tongue which features an eagle with its talons holding an anchor..perhaps in time i will find it. Regardless its a great find on its own as there are not many of these know to exist., after much research I still have not found any online other than what a friend sent me identifying and confirming its an 1830 Naval Officers waist belt buckle. Lets start posting.....who is next?
  20. Sounds like a nice adventure....keep us updated on your travels and finds.
  21. Yeah...one thing that excites me most is waking up every morning and hearing the FACTS from the mass media the one that creates hysteria.
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