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  1. Welcome Vlado....we are neighbors ....lots of good stuff buried in Bulgaria...including gold! Is Rado part of your last name?
  2. Watched a documentary on De Beers ....basically De Beers marketing in the U.S. turn of the century..." A diamond is forever" De Beers slogan....it caught on.
  3. Can't get away for this Russia hysteria.....lol.
  4. I have often wondered about marks on some of the nuggets I have found over the years....Knowing any marks on specimens and nuggets devalue the nugget or specimens to collectors. But....some of the marks actually look as if they were done long ago as they lack that bright shine of a fresh hit..scrape from the pick. Regardless....those old marks on the nuggets make them pretty cool ...and many probably were just missed and tossed by way of the end of the shovel !!
  5. Offering 10.30 grams of gold found in the Sierra foothills. 450.00 includes shipping with signature verification. P.m. if you have any questions....
  6. I prefer it hot 95 and above...keeps most people indoors.
  7. Just got back form a trip to Tahoe and Virginia City ...and discovered a place I am glad I didn't miss called Marshall Mint & Jewelry Store in Virginia City. If you want to see some incredible gold nuggets and silver specimens visit this shop. Marshall Mint also stikes custom 1 ounce silver bars, bring them your silver or purchase and they will customize any logo you choose on your 1 ounce rounds or bars. The mineral & gold specimens exhibit is second to none.
  8. Keep it up....l...women make better detectorists.....they go slow and low....guys tend to speed up when they find their first piece. The more time behind the coil the better odds.
  9. Lead ball shot.....found hundreds of them...looks just like that one...I am sure i am not the only one on this forum that has. Lots of hunting back then....
  10. I'll give you 50 .00 for it.....and shipping!
  11. Happy Birthday Bill....hope you have something good planned today.......
  12. Hey Jack....I think you were walking to your white pickup truck if I remember correctly..it's been a while...I think your wife was in the passenger seat...I should have said hi, but i was on the run to the next nugget patch... :)
  13. Hey Jack, Saw you in Rite Aid a while back....yup Mariposa...
  14. P.M. me if your serious.....this is an exceptional piece of gold...found many years ago by yours truly ... Has some incredible striations , modified octahedrons....and skeletal structures. This piece would be a great addition to any collection, museum or private. 23mm x 10mm x 8mm weight 1.27 grams.
  15. Morlock it did not reach the reserve price..its still available....FleaBay Peeps want chit for nothing....not selling unless it's a fair deal. If you know of anyone whos interested give p.m. me. I called Kristalle about a year ago, just don't have time to drive down to Laguna..you would be hard pressed to find anything online like this one....it is a one of a kind piece...1/3 ounce of birds nest gold wire intricately wound together...
  16. No its correct, just my mind ...going Koo Koo ... yes he passed on this year.....Bernie was always helpful to new folks getting into prospecting...he loved the mountains...and safer environment than his early days as a member of a notorious Florida motorcycle club..
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