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  1. Brownie, Yup prospecting on the E.F. is still going strong, that's a good thing..a guy named Kevin has done well up in those canyons but he has taken some risks in those tunnels. I've been in one and it gave me the willies..so after that I just stayed out of them. Nugger Gulch was named by my two friends Don and Howard who took out 10 ounces not far below the road..most of the nuggets were between 1 gram to 4 grams..as you hike down the gulch you will come to a water fall. I would stay above the falls and work your way up working the bedrock. Back in the early 90s I took my Keene 151 drywasher and just hid it under some bushes..a practice done by many as it was a challenge to lug around equipment every weekend. Always got gold dry washing and most of the time I found a nugget or two. I cant imagine what you would find with the 7000 all my detecting at that place was with the gold master. Good luck and always think safety...
  2. Never know, but why involve the Spanish King. Red flag alert......? Its on U.S. soil....its all ours....Bwhahahahah.....
  3. Incredible find .....thanks for sharing your find with us all. I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures....
  4. Brownie, Some nice chunks come out of that area...nugget gulch is up Shoemaker Rd...just keep driving until you see a bunch of planted trees put in years ago to stabilize the ground. N.G. is right next to it...should still be a dirt shoulder off the the right you can park the vehicle and hike down to it. Some nice nuggets came out of this area all found with vlf detectors.. The narrows is a bit far , did see some nice clunkers come out of a few old coyote holes dug into that old placer channel above the present river. Although this is extremely dangerous and best left alone do to cave ins and huge widow makers in the tunnel ceilings . I didn't know the restaurant opened up, last few pictures I saw of the joint it was abandoned torn up and graffiti which wouldn't surprise me because of all that " talent in the valley" below the canyon.... Summers bring the hoards up to swim and they make one hell of a mess for everyone else to clean up.
  5. Had one and sold it as I found it way to big for areas I hunt. I have a 18" Elite I am happy with on those special occasions....but thanks for the offer.
  6. My first adventures in searching for gold was in Los Angeles in an area called Follows Camp. I would meet up some friends early morning at the restaurant and enjoy a good greasy breakfast before we hit the river canyon. Met many interesting characters mostly vets who called this area there home away from the hustle and bustle of the valley. Found my first nuggets with a detector at nugget gulch above the river but below Shoemaker road. Plenty of ounces came out of this spot over the years, I am sure still plenty left. AL and his wife ran a small gold prospecting shop on weekends, had some huge gold nuggets on display found up above the narrows. Wondering if anyone still goes up in the area ..as I heard the place has been shut down, and the restaurant closed since the last flood. Azusa Gold run by Jerry Hobbs was always an good stop on the way up the canyon. Places like Follows Camp are becoming more rare in today's world. It's sad to see them go ..a bit of living history in todays modern hustle and bustle world.
  7. IMHO you will dig everything when you want too, and other days you will not dig everything. I can't stay consistent, for me it's random and a sign of a healthy mind.
  8. Well over the years my coils have gone south and I am searching for some coils if anyone has any in good shape for a good deal. I don't have a brand preference..only factor is that its in good shape and a fair price. So if you have any hanging around let me know....maybe we can make a deal...I am interested in coils in size 12" to 5" for the gpx.
  9. Good point, didn't think of that....think Wayne and Donna down in Laguna source it out...but not sure..may give them a buzz.
  10. Anyone know of any reputable mineral prep services in California who cleaning of specimens ? The only one i know of is collectors edge in Colorado...
  11. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it today January 7th and Happy New Years !
  12. Luke you killed it man !!! That would rate top notch of a day.
  13. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it today ..wishing you all good health and a prosperous golden New Years !!! We won't solve the worlds problems, but like most guys we love talking about politics. It's our nature..
  14. British spy Christopher Steele who handed the dossier on Trump won't step one foot into the United States nor Russia and all ex Soviet States...gee wonder why. If he goes to Russia he will change from a solid to a liquid ,in the States he will be forced by the Feds to testify under oath. To put it clear, Steele is willing to do anything for the all mighty dollar, including provide a fraudulent dossier. Build the Wall !
  15. Our subsidies to the sugar industry surpass 5 billion ! It's not about the money, it's about opposing anything Trump has to offer. Because we all know and have seen the Clinton's, Obama's, and the rest speak against illegal migration but did nothing with substance to stop the invasion until Trump. You may not like Trump even hate the man, but IMHO he is trying to do more for our country than many in the past combined. Anyways, he won..deal with it and in 2020 vote for your horse and make that change you desire.
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