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  1. Bait and switch tactic....love it...Peace to all.
  2. Nice video, I also have your book...well done!
  3. Come to the California Sierras....many little towns along the old Motherlode hwy 49....electricians up here make good money..you can prospect part time. If you get your contractor's license you can ask and will get a easy 45 to 55 bucks per hour. Heck just as a handyman electrician doing service work you can command a great hourly rate. My family moved from Chicago..all my uncles are electricians, including myself....actually these days I spend all my time chasing that dream.... detecting for gold. But reality is I'd make more pulling wire. But like the rest said..and I agree, its a tough go at the gold game...but not impossible to average out 100 bucks a day throughout the year.
  4. Commander 11" Mono......Killer coil on a Minelab...
  5. Check this interesting picture from the rover on Mars. Looks like gold leaf coming out of a iron vein formation..
  6. Not a good picture....if it is gold , you are a rich man...looks like flake mica to me.
  7. Dropped to 175.00 for Forum members. If not sold today will be listing it on FleaBay.
  8. Offering a used Nuggetfinder Advantage coil ...only missing a coil cover... 200.00 includes shipping USPS Priority PayPal Only
  9. Yup. its a good one......this baby actually has a nice 8 gram nugget under her belt......disc mode...went beep and surprise !!
  10. Advanced Prospecting & Detecting For Hardrock Gold by Jim Straight..signed. 20.00 Meteorite Hunting, How to find Treasure from Space by Geoffrey Notkin 25.00
  11. I have a nice Tesoro SilverUmax available. Turn on and go detector...one knob has disc mode..the other is on and off knob. You can swing this thing all day... 175.00 p.m. if you have any questions.
  12. Offering a solid California Nugget ...p.m. me for details.
  13. Great videos...thanks for all the effort for making them....and posting on YouTube.
  14. How did I miss this post.... Awesome on the patch... congrats and thanks for sharing the experience. ..Commander 11" one of the most underrated coils today. ...
  15. " I don`t think that the consumer should have to jerry-rig a brand new product for that price." That's my whole point of this whole post...I shouldn't have to grind the tray in order for it to fit the box, or find the proper glue for the silk screen after 10 hours of use, or grind the dang screw heads that stick out and get caught on this and that. I don't see it as negative comment but constructive advice for the consumer with dollars in his or her pocket who may find my review helpful. I have bought a bunch of Keene products over a 30 year span...this one I don't care for in particular. The End.
  16. Happy Birthday....wishing you good health and golden dreams...
  17. I complete the 5-bank drywasher last summer and had the opportunity to give it a test run for about 10 hours of loading time with a front end loader. Unfortunately that was the end of my seasons test as my 11,000 watt generators motor went bad along with a few other modification I had to do to the drywasher , I had to pull out of the area and get my new generator repaired thankfully it was under warranty..and do so more mods. As far as the recovery % its hard to say...but the boxes did recover very fine gold and of course the more coarse pieces also. The area I did the test run was very close to the source so the gold itself is larger ..if I were to go more downstream I would have recovered more fine gold that has broken down rather than the large coarse pieces. Hopefully this season I will get more hours on the drywasher and do more testing to get it dialed in just right.
  18. The more I work on these trays the more I found that could have been done better. I have been using a 3 " disc grinder to grind away at spots where it sticks. I have also found that the screws they use to hold the new and improved Plexiglas below the tray should be counter sunk or ground down so it does not stick as it is slide into the box. I still need to find a proper adhesive binder to secure the silk screen to the aluminum frame. At this point i have it where I can manage placing them in and taking them out without to much of a head ache. But since each tray is now redone to the best fitting box..I have to mark both tray and box with different colored paint to distinguish which tray goes with with the box it belongs to. Boulder Dash, At this point after my mods grinding them and all I don't even want to speak to Keene...I am done with them..and will try to make the best of what I have. But I agree, keene is always trying to reinvent the wheel..most of the time its inferior the the previous. Anyways, I am posting all this so others thinking of buying the new and improved keene 151s trays think twice...DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY...
  19. Welcome Adrian, keep digging and you will find the yeller metal all in good time. I once was digging a target in a pile of rock, found 2 king snakes in same hole. Freaked me out until I realized they were harmless. Placed them back in the hole and gently placed the rock back as it was. Good hunting.
  20. Wow, they sure look great together...that's called perseverance.
  21. Hey Bob, what I meant to say is music produced in Mexico in the Spanish language. The videos you posted it's obvious American as in North American created by its music industry. Hope it's clear now...
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