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  1. Looking for this coil for my Silver U Max.....anyone have a used one that they no longer need?
  2. Looks like a winning ticket to me..nice gold.
  3. Dang, sounds like you better grow some eyes in the back of your head...this years been heavy on the rattle snakes...I have not seen so many in years. other than that...its not so bad. Prescott sounds nice...that piece of land is still open..may go visit it next few weeks, but I do agree with you on the old river channel source above..although I also believe their are a few shallow quartz stringers releasing some real coarse and gold float with quartz attached. I have found a few near by areas with multiple sources ...some nuggets are well worn smooth and river placer like, the other quatz with gold. Anyways good hunting in Arizona!...
  4. Just wanted to share this video, I've heard of this museum form a few mineral dealers and thought I'd check it out on You_Tube..For those who like minerals and gold....this is something to see.
  5. Hi Goldbag, I've been hitting the hills as usual up my way..actually just visited that area a few weeks ago and found a small sunbaker. My 15" round mono didnt even go off on it on the surface!! So a vlf would come in handy on a few of my patches. Good to hear you settled near some good gold producing areas. No more hills nor poison oak to deal with..lol. Good Luck out there..
  6. “We know they zigzag so fast that any pilot would be crushed by centrifugal force. This is exactily what I observed back in Cicero in the late 70's....zig, zag pattern..fast and change of direction just as fast...it can stay still and change direction at an incredible speed.
  7. I have seen some weird lights in the sky above Cicero , Illionois..I could not explain...I left the local YMCA at around 10:00 p.m. as I crossed the street something caught my eye in the sky. The light from this UFO moved in a zig-zag, up and down and vanished upward at a speed and pattern no aircraft we have today could do...There was an elderly gentlman crossing near me and I turned to ask him if he witnessed the object. All he said was ohh the government is probably testing rockets..I just said nah it moved in a differnet pattern very fast. Anyways, not sure of what it was...but I know I saw it..Like Bill, it is what it is...hard to say its this or that without evidence..and to this day we have none. As far as our government hiding the truth form us. I doubt it...for one reason, we are not the only advanced power on this earth ...China, Russia, India or any other country would have exposed it.
  8. Nice non ferrous count with the monster..how do you like the detector M? Thinking of getting a vlf for the trashy areas.
  9. Nice video..and sweet nuggets! Love that open space..
  10. Sweet nugget, yup the cool season has begun.....heading out this morning , the old lady wants a nugget...the pressure is on.
  11. Hi Tom, I am interested, please send me the details, as far as payment..I can do payPal or send a check also.

    My address is

    Fred Radonic

    4065 Wilburs Way

    Mariposa. California


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    2. Relichunter2016


      Okay cool I will get it sent out tonight..my wife does the PayPal stuff...I get a bit lost as i dont use it often...

      Thanks again, 



    3. Relichunter2016




      Money sent at 6:33 California time.....


    4. TomH


      Roger that...we got it...will send it out tomorrow with a USPS tracking #




  12. Nice pictures and beautiful country.....congrats on the nugget...
  13. without B.B. ....life wouldn't be so darn interesting ....
  14. get it while you can, and what to do with it....seriously? A simple search on the web will give you some ideas.
  15. This is an old story going back to 2016 when the news hit local and international media outlets about a 18 ozt nugget found at Woods Creek in Tuolumne County, California. I tracked the nugget and finally found out that its on display at the Ironstone Winery in Murphys California. I took a trip up ole Hwy 49 and visited this winery and discovered that they have one hell of a museum with a great collection of local gold form the surrounding areas along with relics from the gold rush era. They also have many gold specimens and native gold jewelry for sale, I also noticed some 16 to 1 quartz gold specimen available. If you find yourself in the region, stop by and visit they also have a great lineup of country music bands and artist throughout the Summer . The outdoor gardens and premises are filled with old gold rush era mining equipment including stamp mills. Below is the picture of Woodies Wonder which is held in the main vault with the more famous 40 pound Crown Jewel of Ironstone gold leaf specimen found in Jamestown..largest piece that came out of the lucky strike on Christmas day. Woodies Wonder contains 11.2 ozt of gold...
  16. All good things come with time..looking forward to checking out the book when its published.
  17. By the picture they just don't look right at all. To bad he didn't know to weigh them....but the weight says it all !
  18. The so called ' media" is the great divider, they feed division and hate especially in those not raised right. Those that control the media, images set the agenda and influence the culture. They feed the hateful ideas some have....but anyways..just one persons opinion. The media is a powerful tool...used to influence us all . Peace...
  19. Garifox, You have it covered, don't even think about buying anymore, unless they go bad...od course.
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