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  1. The so called loss of depth is insignificant in my opinion. You wouldn't believe how tiny some of my gold pieces are found at very good depth. Get yourself three coils....small like a sadie, a medium one like a 11" mono and a 16" to 18" . Cover the ground you hunt with all three and you will have it covered....enhanced works well in medium and hot ground..Crank up the gain and go very slow. Well thats my 2,3,4,5, bits. Good luck.
  2. Front panel. General Enhanced Mode Fixed Mono if using mono coil... Back Panel....I usually run the Stab...2 -4 notches below my highest gain settings....If ground to hot, reduce gain. Don't over think it. The more you use it the better understanding you will have. keep reading the owners manual. Watch some JP videos. Keep the coil low and swing slow if in a patch. Reground periodically if in hot ground.
  3. Happy Birthday ...wishing you good health and plenty of gold in 2019.
  4. Happy Birthday Tom, greetings from California...wishing you good health and plenty of gold nuggets in 2019.
  5. Luke, your a craftsman...great work and great handle..
  6. Excellent work...they are awesome looking !!
  7. Orange Country 49ers if they are still around...great club with good claims.
  8. Think people are hesitant to post pics of gold..do to many factors.
  9. Thanks but I have decided I want the Commander 10x6 dd ...
  10. Welcome to the forum....like your cool rock collections. Thanks for sharing !
  11. Mike, First congrats on the birth of your son..., your going to be an awesome dad, I do understand your concerns about California and its politics in that regard. As far as the gulch I have not been hunting that area in the past 3 years do to much activity in that area. I have a few spots I go between and have done fairly well...and as usual looking for new spots always. If you choose Arizona, I am sure you will have plenty of opportunity to find new locations..and no poison oak... . At this moment its been raining and the terrain is rough and sticky, the clay is slippery and its easy to find oneself down the slippery slope. Glad to hear all is good with you... keep us posted on where you end up. Oh by the way.....I hear Arizona is LOADED with Gold.....I know with your skills you will do well.
  12. Mgoldbag. Just come back down south..you know where the gold is here.
  13. Happy Birthday Gary....hope you had a good one.
  14. MgoldBag, Glad to hear your still around ...sounds like your up to a new adventure. Hope all is well and good luck with your move to where ever it may be. F
  15. I use headphones...had no problem hearing the rattle 10 feet away. But > i also wear snake guards year round just in case.
  16. It seems to soft for silver..looks like old lead that's been buried for a long time to get that patina. But I could he wrong and may just have to go through all my buckets of what I i.d. as lead. If it were silver not sure it would cut so easy.
  17. Brownie, Yup prospecting on the E.F. is still going strong, that's a good thing..a guy named Kevin has done well up in those canyons but he has taken some risks in those tunnels. I've been in one and it gave me the willies..so after that I just stayed out of them. Nugger Gulch was named by my two friends Don and Howard who took out 10 ounces not far below the road..most of the nuggets were between 1 gram to 4 grams..as you hike down the gulch you will come to a water fall. I would stay above the falls and work your way up working the bedrock. Back in the early 90s I took my Keene 151 drywasher and just hid it under some bushes..a practice done by many as it was a challenge to lug around equipment every weekend. Always got gold dry washing and most of the time I found a nugget or two. I cant imagine what you would find with the 7000 all my detecting at that place was with the gold master. Good luck and always think safety...
  18. Never know, but why involve the Spanish King. Red flag alert......? Its on U.S. soil....its all ours....Bwhahahahah.....
  19. Incredible find .....thanks for sharing your find with us all. I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures....
  20. Brownie, Some nice chunks come out of that area...nugget gulch is up Shoemaker Rd...just keep driving until you see a bunch of planted trees put in years ago to stabilize the ground. N.G. is right next to it...should still be a dirt shoulder off the the right you can park the vehicle and hike down to it. Some nice nuggets came out of this area all found with vlf detectors.. The narrows is a bit far , did see some nice clunkers come out of a few old coyote holes dug into that old placer channel above the present river. Although this is extremely dangerous and best left alone do to cave ins and huge widow makers in the tunnel ceilings . I didn't know the restaurant opened up, last few pictures I saw of the joint it was abandoned torn up and graffiti which wouldn't surprise me because of all that " talent in the valley" below the canyon.... Summers bring the hoards up to swim and they make one hell of a mess for everyone else to clean up.
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