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  1. UPDATE PRICE DROP 495.00 free shipping. PayPal Only
  2. Offering a nice 9.6 gram California gold/quartz specimen. 575.00 dollars includes shipping
  3. 2.5 grams of California gold. 160.00 includes shipping.
  4. California gold nuggets all found in the Sierras. A few exhibit crystalline structures. 525.00 includes shipping.
  5. Selling my coil , its in great working order just some scuffs...runs quiet , looking for a 16" Round mono. Open to trades or even some cash and this coil for a 16" Round Mono coil. Will consider all offers.... 125.00 includes shipping.
  6. Sweet nuggets.....man that looks like a great day out....
  7. Any metal detector can find gold, for example I have found gold nuggets with my old Tesoro UMax...vlf....I set the disc to eliminate iron and started swinging. My first target was a 8 gram gold nugget. The Simplex is a better machine as it has multi features iMHO would do just fine on pieces of over 1 gram. At 250 bucks with all the Simplex has to offer its a good choice. Plus as you say its waterproof...
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