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  1. Relichunter2016

    L-T-Buy Tesoro Lobo small coil

    In search of a small Tesoro Lobo coil...6x10 oval or small round will do.
  2. Relichunter2016

    3.75 Grams of Cali Nuggets.

  3. Relichunter2016

    Your Best Non Nugget find?

    Found this a few years back nuggethunting...had a nice deep target...after digging down two and half feet I though I may have struck the Big One !!. Than this little beauty came out of the hole, an 1840's- 1850's Naval officers belt buckle. Its one part of a two piece. This is as good as gold as far as I am concerned...the history behind it must be amazing. Imagine a naval officer going awol and leaves San Francisco for the Sierras to mine gold. California just joined the Union, and Mexico lost most of its Northern territories.
  4. Relichunter2016

    3.75 Grams of Cali Nuggets.

    165.00 includes shipping ..
  5. Relichunter2016

    Full time prospecting?

    Gary I owe it all to you..and the 4500. It's early and the hills are a waiting.
  6. Relichunter2016

    Full time prospecting?

    Read the book Bacon and Beans from a gold pan by James Coffey. Its about a young couple from the Bay area making ends meet prospecting in the Southern Motherlode during the depression. An inspirational story of hard times, and overcoming it in the true spirit of American " never give up" attitude, there is always a way.
  7. Relichunter2016

    Getting crowded out there?

    Great thread....
  8. Relichunter2016

    Full time prospecting?

    One year and as long as your family don't suffer I say go for it. If anything you will build great memories of your adventure as a gold prospector. Your best bet is to work private lands..forget the claims, and public lands. And don't forget to keep a daily log and take a lot of pictures of your quest for that yellow metal.
  9. Relichunter2016

    Getting crowded out there?

    "Lots of guys these days want to be a Conquistador but they don't have what it takes to do it without a machine." If Conquistadors had quads , I would bet my house they would use it...to get over that mountain.
  10. Relichunter2016

    Getting crowded out there?

    You can still enjoy some solitude on public lands and national parks if you go off season. Living near one of the most visited national parks in the country Yosemite...Summers can get crazy. But Fall, Winter and Spring you have it pretty much to yourself. Took this shot of Half Dome in September....and avoided the crowds.
  11. Relichunter2016

    Halloween Nuggets: Trick Or Treat?

    sweet....thanks for sharing.
  12. Relichunter2016

    Gold Buyers in Prescott ?

  13. Relichunter2016

    Not Endorsing, just interesting....

    Interesting it is....Chinese armadas and British ships flying the St. George cross...Thanks for the post Bill.
  14. Relichunter2016

    Looking for a small D.D. coil

    Dang....totally missed that.....for my gpx 4500...my Commander coil went bad....looking for that little 5x10 elliptical dd.