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  1. Small lot of California gold 2.2 Grams 145.00 includes shipping.
  2. Update on price for both lots 2-gram & 4 gram lots, 6 grams total of clean sierra foothills gold from the Motherlode region. 400.00 bucks includes shipping. PayPal only. p.m. if interested
  3. Yes I saw a few pictures back when you posted them, I thought to myself, how odd to see another Serb on this forum!! Yes i read that they have all 4 vaccines for Korona, Chinese, Russian, American not sure whos else. This is all good and I am aware we can fly form the U.S. without problems..
  4. Like so many places the big gold unfortunately has been mined out long ago as it was in many areas of the world, but I am sure there are some left and only the locals know where to look. That A52 is a nice top of the line sluice box, sorry to hear the bad news, it happens over here also more then you think. I was in Serbia in 2019 , was going to come this year but do to Covid I may hold off until 2022, a sluice you may consider is the large foldable sluice box, nice an compact. Keene and Royal makes them and both are very well made sluices. A story about Roman sites and coins, before we moved
  5. Yes I used to swim in it as a kid lol....the Drava River is gold bering but flour gold only, a few people are highbanking the benches and beaches. I am interested to know if the Kucevo area near Majdanpek has bigger gold or nuggets? I know and heard stories form my uncle who worked there for a while that it was very rich. His job was to document the goings of the ore dump trucks, he told me once a fist size piece of ore fell out and it was laced with gold all over. So there must be some good nuggets in the local streams and gullies in those mountains. The history of mining in
  6. Sure Slobo, I was wondering if you can attempt to try and make a sluice box, its fairly simple. I have made a few myself with simple boards, scrap metals, and such things. Having aluminum is not necessary , you can find simple plans on the internet that will have simple instructions how to make a sluice box. Some cut lumber , nails, find some scrap metal and you will be in business. I am from a small town near Valpovo, but have not lived there for many , many years. Just tryng to give you a few ideas....I know you can do it
  7. Zdravo Sloba, Sloba, da li si probao sam da napravis sluice box to je lako. Miro
  8. Offering 4 grams of nice gold nuggets from the California Motherlode region. Some nice pickers in the bunch. 260.00 bucks includes shipping. p.m. if interested
  9. Offering 2 grams of nice pickers from the California Motherlode region. 145.00 bucks includes shipping. p.m. if interested
  10. Time will tell...as an Independent I do not vote for the party...the party better win me over with protecting our interests first. But then again " my interest may not correlate with yours. And this is the core of the problem, whose interests will Biden serve? Again time will tell. With as much diverse peoples that live here, and division any leader is set up for failure. I suppose we can always move and become American diaspora in another nation.
  11. Clay thank you for this information, it makes sense to me now. I knew it would be much harder then inputting the coordinates to mines and hitting search for that X marks the spot dream.
  12. I am beginning to think the same, seems like these coordinates on this site are way off by at least a quarter mile if not more.
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