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  1. Imagine the life of a monk...the thoughts of early California..the missions, and and those beautiful natives. Oh and all that gold to find the Spaniards and Mexicans missed!! Time to read some early 1960 issues of Treasure magazine..you all have a great 2020.
  2. Looking to buy a 110 volt charger for my GPX battery. If anyone has a spare or one they no longer use and wants to sell it please p.m. me. Found one thank you !
  3. Incredible....talk about screw ups..dont recall any lives list thankfully. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Yup, my father also told me stories similar to yours, although it was in Europe plenty of stories of the war and the tough decade after. Rebuilding and restarting the small family farm all destroyed that had to be rebuilt ground up. It took the whole family. That generation sure learned the value of money, and were so much more self reliant as they had to do all the work on their own. Hardship builds good character in good people.
  5. I doubt they kept the gold ..back in those days the family including young children who worked contributed everything towards the families well being. One for all and all for one. It's the only picture I personally have seen where children worked a rocker box. I am sure there were others.. It appears this picture is form the Australian Gold Rush of the 1850s and not the Klondike which actually makes more sense considering the Klondike and weather hardships. Many Children went to the goldfields with their parents and by december of 1852 their were almost 12,000 children on the Victorian diggins. Most of them spent their childhood helping their parents search for gold. They carried wood, looked after tent or hut and cared for animals. By the time 1880 came around government laws changed requiring children to attend school. Whats interesting is in states like West Virginia, children worked in the deep depths of coal mines. By 1910 their were 2 million children working in the coal mines of the United States.
  6. Caught this on the internet today..cool pic of children running a rocker in the Klondike. The caption read...Greta...time traveler/ ? Regardless its an authentic picture showing youngsters mining gold.
  7. Hi Matt, thanks for posting, I am looking for a much larger one....great price!
  8. Its being slowly developed...unfortuately....if I ever meet the new owners...I may go up and ask if I can detect....but at this time its a no go area...
  9. Mike a few oldies but goodies from one of our old spots...
  10. Totally agree....I was under the impression you were using your 5000 P.I. Looks like you are starting to master the Monster...I have lots of ground with trash overload..its rediculous!
  11. Lots of non ferrous..did you use disc? Good shooting...lots of shrapnel.
  12. Hi Matt...if it dont work out with the other fella....I'd be interested to know the price. I am in the Motherlode area myself....please p.m. with a price, thanks.
  13. Great shooting !! look at that gold......sweet nuggets...
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