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  1. After the 1970s, central banks bought into the idea that the U.S. dollar was the savior of the global financial system. When the 2008 financial crisis hit it became clearer that the dollar isn't as secure as was led. With huge debt, and trillions more printed every year, more nations are stocking up their gold reserves because of probable higher future prices in gold. More nations are going away with the Petro-Dollar and using their own currency in exchange for resources like oil and natural gas. Heck India has even been buying Iranian oil with gold and rupees, Russia-China using national cur
  2. UPDATE PRICE DROP 495.00 free shipping. PayPal Only
  3. Offering a nice 9.6 gram California gold/quartz specimen. 575.00 dollars includes shipping
  4. 2.5 grams of California gold. 160.00 includes shipping.
  5. California gold nuggets all found in the Sierras. A few exhibit crystalline structures. 525.00 includes shipping.
  6. Selling my coil , its in great working order just some scuffs...runs quiet , looking for a 16" Round mono. Open to trades or even some cash and this coil for a 16" Round Mono coil. Will consider all offers.... 125.00 includes shipping.
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