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  1. https://youtu.be/S9ohAuqWjc0 so after running a bunch of dirt through my mini highbanker I decided to rerun just the water and sure enough I'm glad I did, I managed to get super concentrates from it and fine flour gold was in there, I'm so liking these drop zone classifying sluices I been making for fun, they really do work
  2. that's awesome I'm doing a highbanker at the moment as well .
  3. the bigger one for this pic I took out the minors moss and expanded metal from the dropzone to show water flow
  4. had a blast tonight testing out ny two classifying sluices I made . a small 4inch backpacker and an 8 inch these drop zones are cool
  5. I'm getting exited I'm almost done with my two classifying sluices, an 8 inch and little 4inch wide...
  6. like so many of us out there the show goldrush has really been inspiring to us gold diggers.we all like to root for one guy or another on the show.this weekend my friends and I will be sluicing and panning and highbanking together all using our different gear and just having a blast. so I'm gonna video the guys and myself just for us to watch and laugh and call each other names like tony beets or little parker on and on I have friends that build motor cylces and made videos of them goofin around like the early days of orange county choppers. its alotta fun goldminning when ya have friends to
  7. getting some time at the bench today. measuring out the punchplate and making mini brackets
  8. the long slickplate is 14 guage the drop zone is cheap home depot steel practicing my math and bend on,,, now I'm ready to 14 guage a drop zone box and start the punchplate classifer . this is my smaller version of the Thomas creek sluice I like so much. but since he don't make em I'm gonna make a few in different sizes. I'm pretty stoked so far
  9. I just bent the rear flare here as ya see next is the drop zone and then the punchplate,
  10. I had to do a mock up from poster board lol! but the drop zone is good and the punchplate tray will fit nice right on top. so now I'm ready to start bending metal
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