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  1. Oregal1976

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    Monday, Nov 12th is the Veteran's Day Holiday... How sweet is that?! Maybe get in an extra day of hunting Count me in - and maybe my son (Brian) will come along with me again for part of that weekend, too. Tent camping works great there; bringing a rake to clear the sharp rocks out of the way is recommended.
  2. Oregal1976

    Popped the Gold Monster Cherry

    WTG CJ!!
  3. Oregal1976

    Happy Birthday Boulder dash

    Have a very Happy Birthday "BD"!! Cheers!!
  4. Oregal1976

    Happy Birthday Bill

    Have a Happy and Awesome Birthday Bill!!
  5. Oregal1976

    What is this?

    Good luck! A streak test is often very helpful. It looks like your rock might have some iron content (orangey-red spots often mean iron), but it's got some interesting rounded divots in it... almost as though like someone tried flint napping it, but it might just be old and worn from the elements. It will be very interesting to hear what you find out about it & I hope you will let us know!
  6. Aww geez, Al... Sorry to hear you had such a terrible reaction, and I'm glad you're on the mend now. Be well, my friend! Lisa
  7. Oregal1976

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    The GM does take a bit of getting used to if you're used to using another VLF. When I bought mine I was alread pretty proficient at finding gold with my GB Pro. It took me at least 6 months to find nuggets with the GM. Maybe I wasn't hunting in areas that had nuggets, or maybe it was because I hadn't gotten familiar enough with the differences between those two machines. But I searched in a new area and dug out 8 nuggets in a day with the GM. Mike's settings and ground balancing recommendations are spot on. Don't sweep too fast; it only confuses the CPU! Lisa
  8. Oregal1976

    Vegas GPAA Gold Show

    Have a safe and good ride, Bill - and have a great time at the show! I hope to make it to one of those someday, too... Lisa
  9. Oregal1976


    Hi Tammy, and welcome to the forum - FINALLY!!! I, for one, am very proud of you for getting out there and doin' it just like the rest of us. Of course, you've got a HUGE advantage over the rest of us because you've got Bill "on demand" for any additional instructions, information, and as a hunting partner! Just teasing! I'm really glad his encouragement and willingness to get you started is finally paying off.
  10. Oregal1976

    Azusa Gold

    I love, love, LOVE that test card! So much useful weight refererence info on there. I've been to / through Azusa several times (2004 - 2007) but I didn't know about that shop - sadly, it was probably long gone by then.
  11. Oregal1976

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Thanks, Tom. If or when I go back there I will have to work in a different spot, because I know I cleaned that one out thoroughly! Thanks, Old Tom! Took me long enough, huh? After a 6-month-long Monster skunk streak, hunting in at least 8 or 9 different areas spread out across 2 counties, I figured I was long overdue... But I sure didn't expect to find this many nuggets all in one short afternoon! Thank you for the complement, Andy. The extremely "hot" ground in the area made it a real challenge to detect, even for the Monster. Ironstone all over the place... I had to keep ground balancing every few minutes til it quieted back down again. It's a great machine, once you get used to it. Lisa
  12. Oregal1976

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    The skunk is finally dead and my Gold Monster has finally proven itself! What's weird is that I had 7 pieces last night when I put them on the scale. I gently swished them around and let them soak for a bit in soapy water, and now there are 8 of them! .85g total weight, all found yesterday within a foot or so from each other (except two that were maybe 6" apart), on bedrock, within about 50' from the truck. The largest nug (top, left) has a little bit of quartz still attached to one side. Sorry about the crappy smart phone photo... I just had to share the good news. While I'm waiting for the Nikon macro lens I ordered to arrive I'll clean these nuggets up a little bit. I will try to get some decent images uploaded later this week.
  13. Oregal1976

    14.9 Grams of Ugly

    Hot dayum! That's one gorgeous specimen, Bill! Here's to you for experimenting, for a fine result and most of all, for sharing this with all of us. Lisa
  14. Oregal1976

    So I get a Text from Tammy

    That's awesome!! I'm really glad she's getting into it now. Tell her if she ever wants to get out and nugget hunt with me sometime when you're unavailable to get in touch with me, cuz I'm always looking for someone to go with. Two gals out in the desert... what could go wrong, right? lol
  15. Oregal1976

    Happy Birthday Tom H

    Happy Birthday, Tom H !! Cheers!