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  1. Unfortenatly no one of theese seems intressed in helping out as they have not answered my e-mails. But thank's anyway for your help and suggestions.
  2. Well thanks for your tips. Probably going to sign up for a day with the Arizona outback team. Do you folks think there is any chance at all to actually find something in such a day?
  3. Hi me and My wife is Soon going to wisit Nevada And Arizona. For a vacation. Does anyone know if there is some place where you can try out nuggetshooting for a fee? Like a pay to mine operation but with detector insted? Or is there anyone who could be intressed in helping us out for a day ( for a price ofcourse) We live in Sweden and overe here there is no possibilty to try somehting like that. Grateful for ideas. Conny and Maggie
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