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  1. They are so small compared to what I see online. Also many look much more colorful and even color in the stone.
  2. Maybe not exact on both sides. Can kind of see where it would have been laying on the ground, not as deep cracks but still there and not much of a difference.
  3. They were found in an auction in north eastern Connecticut. Usa. I like to collect natural sharpening stones/ razor hones and these were not much money so purchased because I guess I like rocks.. Wasn't sure they were not man made for an aquarium or something or natural. Wonder if breaking one would help?
  4. Not sure if this was made this way from a river/stream eroding the rock or maybe from fossils in bottom of lake or if it is perhaps not even a rock but a mold and some other material? Any help to solve this mystery for me would be appreciated! Thank you in advance
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