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  1. Well, after a few weeks of no meteorite pics on the forum, I thought I would post a few pics of meteorites I was able to see and hold at the LGF foundation a few weeks ago. The LGF Foundation is working with the State of Arizona in an attempt to start a Natural History Museum in the Phoenix metro area. Some very cool fossils, artifacts, petrified wood and most importantly... meteorites! In the pictures I am holding a large Campo Ciello Iron, 300 gram NWA Lunar (exterior and slice sides), a 20 gram NWA Martian and my favorite, a Portales Valley H chondrite.
  2. The Wilcox Playa meteorite I found has a great shock vein.
  3. Dave and Jim spent some time hunting for nuggets out by Drypan in a quartz heavy area with no luck. No meteorites out there either.
  4. Here is a cool video that Dolan Dave made of our trip.
  5. It looks incredible all cleaned up! Congrats again Richard! Great times!
  6. Not in this case. I think that one was on the ground for a while based on the broken edges.
  7. I went meteorite hunting a few weeks ago with Dolan Dave and a few others on some dry lakes in Northern Nevada. We all found a few meteorites. The one I am holding is 50 grams and the two others are 2 grams. It was a fun trip and not too hot.
  8. Thanks for the offer Greg. If we ever head back to Holbrook I'll email you!
  9. I read a great book a few years ago called The Apache Wars by Paul Hutton. It is a great history book about Arizona and New Mexico. The book described how the Apaches would build low height rock living areas in eastern Arizona that they would re-use as they roamed Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico. It is a good read if you enjoy history.
  10. Cut it tonight. Looks like an L!
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