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  1. Good luck! When I first started hunting for meteorites I was amazed at how many Arizona earth rocks would stick to a magnate. I am not sure what the Western Sahara geology is, but with that said when a rock sticks to your magnate look for secondary clues of a meteorite: fusion crust, regmaglypts and if you have the ability to make a window in the stone that is always the best way to determine if you have found a space rock. Happy hunting!
  2. Yes...In the public area they have a display case that has a lot of the Western United States recent fall meteorites. They had Sutter's Mill, Creston, Battle Mountain, Glendale and Dishchii'bikoh.
  3. Swamp, A few of the students took some pictures. I was clearly the most excited to be there! I am pretty sure most of the students were applying to the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE). Only a couple of the students expressed an interest in studying meteorites. When the tour ended Dr. Garvie spent an additional 20 minutes or so with me just talking meteorites. SESE is having an open house today. I'll probably head back there today.
  4. H.T. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a science background. I am the guy who has to constantly refer back to the periodic table when reading meteoritic articles. He did not bring up lonsdalieite. One of the students was a current student at The Center for Meteorite Studies studying Calcium Aluminum Inclusions (CAIs). He and Dr Garvie discussed CAIs for a while too. They passed around a large slice of an Allende meteorite that had a large CAI.
  5. A few more....A large Acapulcoite.
  6. Dr Garvie was pretty excited about the graphite nodule where the graphite turned to diamond. He said it was a very recent discovery. He actually took it out of the case and passed it around so we could all take a closer look. I took the picture after it was back in the case.
  7. A couple of cool large chondrites.
  8. This is a graphite nodule from a Canyon Diablo meteorite where the graphite turned to diamond during the impact.
  9. Here is a large Allende meteorite. They left the grass on it to show that meteorites are not hot when they hit the ground.
  10. Here is a sample of the recent Cuba fall. Best example of shock veins I have ever seen.
  11. I had the day off today. My home is being remodeled so it is dirty, dusty and workers banging around. It was also a cold rainy day. I wanted to get out of the house so I decided to drive the 10 minutes to Arizona State University to check out their meteorite display and see what was new. While there I bumped into Dr. Garvie who was just beginning a tour of the meteorite vault for some grad students. Dr. Garvie remembered me from some of my meteorite finds I have brought to their open houses in the past and invited me in with the students! It was one hour I won't soon forget. I'll attach some pictures.
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