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  1. I just wanted to thank everyone for their help in figuring out what was in my old collection. I've since decided to start collecting again. Sorry for the delay. I said I would show you guys the setup for the photos. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before I disassembled my setup. I've been meaning to put it back together so I could take a photo but life got in the way. Anyway I put it back together so you can see what I did. Note the camera in the photos below is not the same one I used for the photos. I shot everything in a light tent. I used a square of ref
  2. Hi everyone. I thought I would follow up. I heard back from the head of anthropology at the local college. They told me without a doubt they are not human and then after talking to another department, they felt the teeth may have belonged to a tapir. I have to say I am rather glad they are not human. That was creeping me out a little bit. lol. Thanks for all your help.
  3. I ran a magnet over all of them and I found out that #024 and #059 are magnetic. AU Seeker, thanks for the heads-up!
  4. That is the end of the collection. Everything else I have I either know what it is or it is already labeled. I really want to thank you all for helping me. 4Meter I will get some photos of the setup I used. I also picked up a porcelain plate to test some of the questionable ones. I also have some that are supposed to be florescent so I also ordered a SW/LW UV lamp to see.
  5. 058 - Gold Ore (This one was bought claiming it contained specks of gold) 059 060 061
  6. 054 055 - I wonder if this is a piece of brick that somehow got into the box I had. 056 057
  7. 046 - Is this a shell? 047 - I don't think this one is anything special. Looks like a common rock. 048 - Quartz 049
  8. You guys are too funny. I called one of the local colleges anthropology dept but have not heard back despite it being over two weeks. I think I will try another college and see if anyone wants to help.
  9. A lot of these were picked up from those bins they have in museum gift shops. I know all of the ones I picked up had a fancy name to them. I guess on some of them I got ripped off. I wasn't aware they could dye a rock. I'll still hold on to them. They are very pretty to look at. I just won't put them in the new case I am building. 4Meter, I used a Canon 40d with a 100mm macro lens. I'll be happy to show you my setup if you would like. I have one more batch to upload. Thank you guys for being so kind to help me out.
  10. 039 - Pyrite? 040 041 - Turquoise? 042 - Turquenite?
  11. 035 - Tiger's Eye Quartz? 036 037 - Hematite? This one sticks to a magnet. 038
  12. Thank you. I'm still working on testing a few of the ones you suggested. Here is another batch. 030 031 032 034
  13. 027 - Looks like it has Quartz mixed in. 029 - Dark grey with white stripes.
  14. 023 - Looks like a mix of lots of small pebbles (about 1/4" and smaller) 024 - Granite? 025 - White with lots of silvery deposits. 026 - Has silvery flakes (Mica?)
  15. 019 - Looks very similar to 017 but this one is very dark grey. 020 - Color is black and white. 021 - This one seems rather hard 022 - Looks like Quartz but is very pink.
  16. 015 016 - This one is olive green and salmon in color. 017 - Ignore the square shaped stain in the second photo. This was from double sided tape what used to be on the bottom. The color of this one is light gray. 018 - This one is pink / rose in color and then red to yellow.
  17. Thank you guys! You have no idea how helpful this is and how much I appreciate it. I started painting a white dot with numbers on the items so I can actually label them this time around. Here are more from my collection. All of these are around golf ball size. I have included a few photos from my magnifying scope. Magnifications are around 30-40x. 012 - Bornite? 013 - Marble? It has small silver flakes mixed in. 014 - This one is very smooth and has a depression in the center which appears to have crystals (Quartz?) inside.
  18. When I was little, someone gave me a rock with what appears to be fossilized teeth. I know the item was picked up somewhere in South America but I am not exactly sure where. I had completely forgotten about it until I recently found it in a box. I would like to know if anyone can identify if these are human or animal teeth and if the latter, what type of animal if possible. It creeps me out to think they are human so any input would be helpful. Photos 8-11 are all from a magnifying scope at 30x. I focused on the teeth.
  19. 008 - Coal? 009 - Quartz? 010 - I believe this is iron ore. 011 - Iron ore?
  20. 006 - This one has very interesting green deposits. 007 - This feels a bit chalky but it is not soft enough to easily scratch. Limestone?
  21. 003 - This one has silver flakes mixed in. Mica maybe? The black top on the last photo feels a bit waxy.
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