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  1. I just wanted to thank everyone for their help in figuring out what was in my old collection. I've since decided to start collecting again. Sorry for the delay. I said I would show you guys the setup for the photos. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before I disassembled my setup. I've been meaning to put it back together so I could take a photo but life got in the way. Anyway I put it back together so you can see what I did. Note the camera in the photos below is not the same one I used for the photos. I shot everything in a light tent. I used a square of ref
  2. Hi everyone. I thought I would follow up. I heard back from the head of anthropology at the local college. They told me without a doubt they are not human and then after talking to another department, they felt the teeth may have belonged to a tapir. I have to say I am rather glad they are not human. That was creeping me out a little bit. lol. Thanks for all your help.
  3. I ran a magnet over all of them and I found out that #024 and #059 are magnetic. AU Seeker, thanks for the heads-up!
  4. That is the end of the collection. Everything else I have I either know what it is or it is already labeled. I really want to thank you all for helping me. 4Meter I will get some photos of the setup I used. I also picked up a porcelain plate to test some of the questionable ones. I also have some that are supposed to be florescent so I also ordered a SW/LW UV lamp to see.
  5. 058 - Gold Ore (This one was bought claiming it contained specks of gold) 059 060 061
  6. 054 055 - I wonder if this is a piece of brick that somehow got into the box I had. 056 057
  7. 046 - Is this a shell? 047 - I don't think this one is anything special. Looks like a common rock. 048 - Quartz 049
  8. You guys are too funny. I called one of the local colleges anthropology dept but have not heard back despite it being over two weeks. I think I will try another college and see if anyone wants to help.
  9. A lot of these were picked up from those bins they have in museum gift shops. I know all of the ones I picked up had a fancy name to them. I guess on some of them I got ripped off. I wasn't aware they could dye a rock. I'll still hold on to them. They are very pretty to look at. I just won't put them in the new case I am building. 4Meter, I used a Canon 40d with a 100mm macro lens. I'll be happy to show you my setup if you would like. I have one more batch to upload. Thank you guys for being so kind to help me out.
  10. 039 - Pyrite? 040 041 - Turquoise? 042 - Turquenite?
  11. 035 - Tiger's Eye Quartz? 036 037 - Hematite? This one sticks to a magnet. 038
  12. Thank you. I'm still working on testing a few of the ones you suggested. Here is another batch. 030 031 032 034
  13. 027 - Looks like it has Quartz mixed in. 029 - Dark grey with white stripes.
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