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  1. Hogback is on state land is it not?
  2. Yes, my grandfather was Carl Hoy and I knew Joe Baker. Are you from the McMillan Clan?
  3. La Grange, hear they got a lotta nice girls... I saw hogs bigger than AZ black bears laying along the hiway in central TX, wish I'd had a chance to hunt them.
  4. Pretty sure I commented on this, explanation for the delet?
  5. I see where one sold at auction for over $103000.
  6. I hope NASA will chime in with elevation the terminal flash occurred, I think the Prescott Valley meteors terminal flash was around 54 miles into the atmosphere.. I'm wondering if Mondays meteor will have landed in AZ.
  7. I'm not looking but apparently a lot of folk saw it. From the AMS...
  8. By the way, screen say 2000hrs while radar says 1900hrs, not sure why 2 different time zones
  9. Around 7pm last night I was outside cleaning a water tub when it suddenly got bright. So bright I thought a neighbor's car had found me in its headlights. I looked up in time to see a meteor exploding and breaking up, leaving a smoke cloud in its wake. I noted the time and the location. The meteor was a several degrees directly below the North Star when I observed it. It appeared to be traveling NE. Now for the skeptical part.. It wasn't clear out, but rather a thin scattered layer of Cirrus only. I opened my Doppler radar app and looked for any anomalies at the same instance as the spectacle I'd just witnessed. There in the precise direction and location at the correct time appeared an echo. It was a brief blip but I'm certain the Doppler captured it. BTW, back around 1987, I was on of the first individuals in AZ to be checked out on the Doppler color radar as part of my duties as a meteorologist stationed at Luke AFB, so I've seen a few echoes in my time.
  10. Anyone ever come across any out and about? If so, let's see pics.
  11. If the Gold Basin has received even a fraction of the rain PHX has, there won't be any drywashing.
  12. I'm old enough to be my partners dad. I can't work at his pace any longer, specially since my lungs are at about half of their capacity from just a year ago. He wants to go at a break neck speed, I want to enjoy the workout. Amuses me when he complains about being 40 years old.
  13. I use big, big buckets, I have free sources for them. The tall chlorine buckets come with lids making them ideal for carrying water too. Then I have these tough, large buckets we use that had a mineral molasses mixture for the livestock. They're nearly indestructible and must hold 7 gallons, easy. The days of filling these buckets up to the brim is past for me, I'd kill myself. I carry the dirt or when drywashing; heavies, back to the truck in ammo cans. I'm going to have to find smaller cans too, the 20mm can holds around 14-15 gallons and is a real nut cracker. Good info, guys.
  14. Came out to .7g
  15. I have a couple claims on the Domingo. Some areas on the north end have been hammered, there's even a couple miners cabins built there. Funny how I can always find the remains of chicken coops where miners lived. The south end of the claims show little signs of being worked. Plus there's our technological advantage, mostly the generator and wet vac (yes I'm always finding old, old worn out brooms where there's been placer mining in the hills). But comparing a broom to a shop vac really is no comparison at all. Even after the rains this week put a damper on the dry washing, I was still able to get out Saturday and vacuum some samples up from two sections of bedrock that had been beckoning. My little recirculating hi banker is painfully slow but here's the results of 4 1/2 buckets. I'll post pic and weight when I'm done cleaning.
  16. Sounds like you're using statute miles when you should be looking at nautical with your device.
  17. Not a SF, don't know the round count, good and tight. I've shot 30-40 rounds, cycles as it should.Mepro Tru Dot night sights installed.Comes with 5 13rd factory mags.101 rounds Federal Personal Defense, low recoil 165gr jhp24 rounds R P FMJ. AZ I.D. no prohibited buyers!$700
  18. Friend has built a dredge needs a 4" nozzle. Anybody?
  19. Found this stone in Morristown the other day; tourmaline?
  20. Edge


    No, private. But a neighboring claim is Roadrunner. I have two adjacent claims in San Domingo and several on Turkey Creek. My partner wants to sell the San Domingo claims and concentrate on Turkey Creek. I'm having a blast out there in Morristown. The bedrock is mostly visible in the creek beds and vacuuming them is yeilding good gold
  21. Edge


    This particular claim had several. Another member on this site found his first nugget there with a GM1000.
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