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  1. Ok gotcha. Have never shot a sabot but I'll give it a try.
  2. I don't have a .45 I have a 50 and 54. My 45 is the Remington 44
  3. I'll have to test the difference. I know I shoot 209s. It's hard to imagine a Powerbelt round moving from a primer ignition but I'm often surprised. You still haven't mentioned the twist on your TC.
  4. I'm thinking you have a faster twist than my T Cs. 1:48 is not a great compromise, I'm already looking at replacements. Would be nice to get a good spin on a conical, but the balls are so cheap and I might like to mold my own. I'm seeing different barrels are pretty inexpensive. May need two and a smooth bore
  5. Holy crap what a beauty. That tiger maple puts the OW back in MEOW.
  6. I've acquired several BP arms but all repros. I have the .36 Navy revolver and the Remington .44. I've been getting better with the .50 T C Renegade but just purchased a .54 T C Hawken. I put an enclosed ignition system on the Renegade will do the same on the Hawken. I've never had a misfire with the shotgun primers.
  7. What projo and powder load works best? What's the barrel twist? I volunteer as a hunting guide for wounded warriors. Fellow I mentored had same setup, Bob, but he never shot past 100 yrds I convinced him he needed 3-4" groups at 200. It took a couple days but he got sighted in He ended up taking his elk at 226 yards, 45 sabots, don't recall the charge. He lunged him first shot.
  8. Now let's hear you perspective on firing .40s thru it. Besides the obvious wrong ammo argument. Lol I belong to a Glock forum, members claim to have shot cases of 40s thru the Glock 10mm without issues.
  9. Oh Hell yes. I have had several Glocks, gotta find that sweet spot thru practice. Now I'll need extra antiperspirant carrying it in my armpit, thanks bro. I figure there's several safeties. 1. Trigger safety 2. My finger, which is connected to a steel trap like brain (when not lubricated by copious amounts of alcohol, sleep deprivation or Antifa). 3.The option to carry in condition 3 verse condition 1. Great discussion, Bob
  10. When I read the ballistics on the round, I knew it was for me. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/olivianiland/4-year-old-shot-head-indiana-play-wrestling-with-dad
  11. Hey I've been carrying a Keltec, so yeah, sweet
  12. Yeah I had a 1911 built in '43, was my pride. But I couldn't hit a thing with it and it took a lot of care to keep in primo shape. Wasn't suitable for my activities. Went with a Ruger SP101 and loved it but 5 shot capacity ain't my bag, baby.
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