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  1. Time. That pan was 90 minutes worth. I planned to go back today and spend close to a week but truck got towed to the garage yesterday. I'm sitting here packed and pacing waiting for the mechanic to call.. On a side note, I ran into old Saul last week. He's doing good, real good in fact. I urged him to get back on this forum, we all miss his commentary.
  2. I wish that was one pan but no a cleanout. Been dragging that pan around since the 80's I think.
  3. Not often I post gold pics, but I'm out there turning over rocks or sometimes being turned over by rocks...lol Looked like a decent spot to toss some dirt in a sluice. Maybe hit this spot again soon.
  4. In the time it took to post those horrible pictures, you could have taken some decent ones..
  5. Edge

    nugget wanted

    Got it thanks
  6. a non prospecting buddy is looking for a nugget in the 14-16 gram range to purchase. lemme know what you have pic and price. thnx Tim
  7. competitive obstacle course. iron man stuff
  8. Looks like a Percheron. My great-grandfather used a draft mule in his one man coal mining operation. I know that mule was blind as a result of being underground, probably the constant eye strain.
  9. New in the box .8hp Waring pro. Meat and sausage modes w/ reverse. Great machine, $500 value. Can meet up in the valley or ship on your dime. $200
  10. What a great day, thanks for sharing.
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