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  1. Sounds like you're using statute miles when you should be looking at nautical with your device.
  2. Not a SF, don't know the round count, good and tight. I've shot 30-40 rounds, cycles as it should.Mepro Tru Dot night sights installed.Comes with 5 13rd factory mags.101 rounds Federal Personal Defense, low recoil 165gr jhp24 rounds R P FMJ. AZ I.D. no prohibited buyers!$700
  3. Friend has built a dredge needs a 4" nozzle. Anybody?
  4. Found this stone in Morristown the other day; tourmaline?
  5. Edge


    No, private. But a neighboring claim is Roadrunner. I have two adjacent claims in San Domingo and several on Turkey Creek. My partner wants to sell the San Domingo claims and concentrate on Turkey Creek. I'm having a blast out there in Morristown. The bedrock is mostly visible in the creek beds and vacuuming them is yeilding good gold
  6. Edge


    This particular claim had several. Another member on this site found his first nugget there with a GM1000.
  7. Edge


    59 years and some change...
  8. Ignore the meter. Dig all targets until you can discern the difference in tones between ferrous and non-ferrous targets is a good start.
  9. Just saw this, thanks and yes had a good day with family.
  10. What would the shipping cost to 85387 be?
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