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  1. Yeah but back when you were a little kid, the 1909 vdb was freshly minted.
  2. Bill could be on to something. And I pledge to never mention how similar these lights were in all appearances, identical to the flares we (USAF) drops almost nightly just SW of Phoenix at Barry Goldwater Gunnery Range.
  3. Edge

    Where Am I?

    Rock formations, Sophie Flats
  4. Edge

    Where Am I?

    What would be the oldest trash you found there?
  5. Edge

    Where Am I?

    About a mile north of Anderson Mill. I don't know who built it. At some point the center post was an old torque tube.
  6. Edge

    Where Am I?

    Wow, thought some of our locals got out more. Correct answer is Sophie Flats. Here's my favorite arrastra north of LSD
  7. Edge

    Where Am I?

    Good guess but nooo. Clue: Dinosaur Rock, Fornicating Bears...
  8. Found another one, but where?
  9. A quick way to test the turquoise, heat up a pin and see if you can penetrate the stone at all.
  10. DPMS is an excellent rifle, I have one in 7.62. Please tell me you didn't just say "clips."
  11. I've tried to get him to just chill and ride in the saddle or a pannier but noooo
  12. My Sonoran Trout Hound goes on all my adventures. He can smell a rattler a hundred feet away and makes certain to point them out for me since I can no longer hear the bastards. Just last night he let me know I had a diamondback in the horse corral. He avoids cholla very well and has learned to remove it himself. Rarely has he needed my help plucking it. I think he figured it out as a pup following along on trail rides if he was going to keep up. Only time I won't bring him is where there's not enough water to mitigate this freaking heat. He's 1/4 Heeler, 3/4 Mini Aussie so he easily fits into most overhead compartment bins.
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