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  1. Ignore the meter. Dig all targets until you can discern the difference in tones between ferrous and non-ferrous targets is a good start.
  2. Just saw this, thanks and yes had a good day with family.
  3. What would the shipping cost to 85387 be?
  4. Glock mags: 2) .45 x 10rd 1) .45 x 13rd all 3 for $45 S&W .380 BG 4)mags new $45 Can ship mags or AR parts for $5.00 Rattler brand snake chaps size reg. Never worn $40 AR foregrip and rear sight. For both, $25 Mailed on your dime or meet west valley
  5. Common vehicle but I saw one driving up and down Pine Flats Rd end of June.
  6. I went out the other night and heard the leopard toads croaking, this is what signals the monsoon. A few hours later it was pouring down rain.
  7. With the millions of more new gun owners, maybe more are ready to defend themselves against their own moron countrymen?
  8. My partner deals with the county recorders offices. Says Maricopa is the worse, little to nothing online, and charges to research a plot. Question is with this Covid crap, how do you handle it now? Do you still walk into the Maricopa County Recorders office?
  9. There are tons of claims out there that are invalid, I see them all the time. But when they appear valid to the hobbyists, chances are they'll stay off.
  10. Thanks to the Bush Fire, we were unable to prospect Payson. I scrambled to my haunts south of Mayer and we ran about a dozen buckets of dirt from two locations. First location was fly poo but location 2 panned out some great gold. So glad everyone (4 generations) worked out so well. The ol timer was tired but happy and so talkative about prospecting. Thanks all that gave me suggestions.
  11. Great advice. I've been reading up on the Hornady PA but it only comes in .50... I'll look into the buffalo
  12. Just to get ya straight, Bob, you're thinking sabots best way to go accuracy wise? All my muskets have the 1:48 twist. Any experience with those? I know when T C was marketing these rifles they were selling their own version of the Minnie Ball too.
  13. Ok gotcha. Have never shot a sabot but I'll give it a try.
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