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  1. I don't know what you mean. I do know Doppler was used a couple years ago to locate a fall in the Venom Valley Bill. I'll b n touch this evening.
  2. A buddy witnessed it, said it was spectacular. It may have been picked up on 3-4 regional Doppler Radar stations. I'm seeing I can download the loops from that date and time, I'm just too busy at the moment.
  3. Absolutely not dry. Tried drywashing before our latest rain last week and even then it was too damp.
  4. Incidentally, if hunting on State land, your hunting license is your permit.
  5. Here's one on AZO http://arizonaoutback.ipbhost.com/topic/12610-keene-puffer-drywasher/
  6. Wish I had your knowledge on its use.
  7. Very good condition. I haven't had the time to learn it.$240. Will ship on your dime.
  8. I raised my hand, USAF 1979 months before graduating high school and waited 5 mos delayed enlistment for a tech school opening at Chanute AFB, weather tech course. Worked NORAD 26AD, Luke AFB to Gila Bend Range and Europe to Central America. It was amazing. Father was WWII Navy vet and I have two kids that earned their USMC Combat Badges, Iraq. Big thanks to all our vets.
  9. Yes, locked gates and fencing are springing up on BLM lands here in AZ and it is with the cooperation of AZGFD. We used to be able to ride our horses long distances here unencumbered on public lands so long as there was water every 20 miles or so. Just 10 years or so ago, a group of us rode from Williams AZ all the way down to Black Canyon City outside of Phoenix. Today that route is no longer open, the springs we watered at on vast stretches of BLM land have been fenced off by AZGFD, with signs proclaiming the areas as waterfowl habitat. We used to ride north from here on an old mining trail built for pack animals and could go up into the Bradshaws via Tule Springs and Boulder Creek beyond. All fenced off now due to the springs there. Not arguing the necessity or virtue of the fencing, but it's new and it's there.
  10. A buddy is a Boy Scout leader and his group wants to prospect over a weekend soon. I suggested they might try Lynx Creek. Is there camping allowed in the public area and if so, can I get a location and directions?
  11. Yeah but back when you were a little kid, the 1909 vdb was freshly minted.
  12. Bill could be on to something. And I pledge to never mention how similar these lights were in all appearances, identical to the flares we (USAF) drops almost nightly just SW of Phoenix at Barry Goldwater Gunnery Range.
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