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  1. Edge

    Mineshaft Rescue

    Lots of shafts and head frames out there. Looks like a shaft off Antenna Rd.
  2. Edge

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    It's somewhere between 1/64 to 1/1024th of what damayshe could have done.
  3. Edge


    Guess I'm a young man at 57. But at my current fish camp, I took the top bunk cuz my 50 & 51 year old fishing partners couldn't climb in it.
  4. Edge

    Lee's Ferry

    If you're headed that way, pm me I can save you some research time.
  5. 14" rainbow, caught several more after the pic. Any of you ever smoke trout?
  6. Edge

    H&R .32 long

    More options... Will take 3/8 or 1/4" bucket classifier, decent pinpointer partial trade.
  7. Edge

    Lee's Ferry

    We spent the first two nights at the Lee's Ferry Campgrounds. Spoke to a Ranger about more primitive camping and she directed us to the BLM boundary 3 miles away near Navajo Bridge. Wish I had had more time to research the area before leaving Tuesday, plenty of areas to metal detect. Just got to know exactly where you are at and not get into park or reservation land.
  8. Edge


    Dopplers handy. Wish I still had access. https://www.meteorite-times.com/bobs-findings/meteorites-wisconsin/
  9. Good to see you back, Saul. Was wondering if you'd been mailed by a bear or lost on an ice drift. Mauled not mailed, although both would suck.
  10. Edge


    My family got together recently and one thing we discussed was all the gold we've lost to swindlers. Mason jars full; stolen, nuggets entrusted to a carpenter trusted to showcase them in the family dining table, quartz crystals laced with gold supposed to be appraised never to be seen again. And much of it from thieves and con artist's around Quartzite.
  11. Edge

    Lee's Ferry

    I am familiar with Gold Basin, Franconia...
  12. Edge

    Lee's Ferry

    Thank you
  13. I'm heading there tomorrow for some fishing with friends. I know the river is National Park but Is there anywhere within hiking distance where you can swing a detector?