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  1. Edge

    Know Your Cactus!

    Keep an eye out for this one..
  2. Edge

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Pm me your number, I'll be in your area Sunday afternoon
  3. Edge

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Now I really want one. Deer opens tomorrow in many units including mine. My current rest has to go!!! I see there's a whisker biscuit on the market slotted for quicker reloads, too. Which one you using? Am I correct thinking it will no longer matter how the arrow is nocked using one?
  4. Edge

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Dang, Bob those neglegent discharges, as they call them at the range, sure get your attention fast. We've had two here past 10 years... I forget the details of the first but I have a nice .38" or so hole in the garage door as a result. Second was a teen I was trying to mentor, a real know it all. Put new fiber optic sights on his bow and instead of getting close to the target like I told him he just let one rip. Went over the backstop, never found the arrow. A buddy is a bow tech, gives my PSE Durango a tune up annually. Pull is 73# and I have to keep in shape to draw it. Even at 70 yards, arrow sometimes goes through two fat alfalfa bales. The bales have to be stacked carefully. I want to try a whisker biscuit, any experience? ArticDave, what's your draw length? I may have some arrows for ya.
  5. Edge

    Traditional bowhunting.

    hang a big piece of carpet behind your bales for those occasional....or not so occasional wild shots...…….
  6. Edge

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Don't forget a foam block or deer to practice shooting at. Bring it in out if the heat and sun when not in use or it'll turn into a giant hockey puck.
  7. Edge

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

  8. Edge

    Traditional bowhunting.

    I use water softener salt and mix in with dirt so it looks less conspicuous and other hunters won't find it and hunt over it.
  9. Edge

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Yes, trail or near water is better. Deer are creatures of habit and with short memories. Once they locate the salt, a game camera will tell you what time and from what direction they come from. Don't be surprised if they come in twice a day for salt and then water.. A lot of guys will position themselves between the salt and water. Knowing the time they come in can put you with the sun at your back. Wind direction is tough to predict but chances are it won't be out of the east or south. Don't count on the rut. Last year in 20B the weather was too warm Dec-Feb for the does to show any kind of noticeable seasonal pollyestroese. I saw bucks every day for weeks but they were paying no attention to does. When you mentioned a traditional takedown bow, first one to come to mind is the PSE Coyote 2. Affordable, fast and comes tapped for various rests, sights, quiver..
  10. Edge

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Salt. Let them come to you.
  11. Edge

    Win new CAT work boots!

    I didn't note the Hobbit feet, sir
  12. Edge

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Hit the Wittman swap meet, I see bows there all the time.
  13. Edge

    Fossilized wood?

    Here's some petrified wood including an opalized specimen. Note the grain, growth rings and even bark is plainly visible.
  14. Edge

    Traditional bowhunting.

    I love bow hunting and much of what BBob says is so true. With a longbow or recurve you're really limiting the distance by half of a compounds range. You're also limiting your other hunting opportunities. You can buy bear, lion and limited opportunity elk tags over the counter, but do you want to use a recurve on an elk or dangerous predator? Compounds are shooting 300-340fps these days but are also expensive and cumbersome to pack compared to a takedown. Here in AZ you can put out salt or water to hunt over. Put a blind up nearby, the critters will come in as long as there's salt. I put salt out in 5A a couple years ago and within 20 minutes it was being devoured by every mammal in the unit. Two weeks later the salt was gone but I had 1200 pics on my game camera. The elk were literally bedding down along side it. A lot of the late season deer hunts coincide with the rut. Like a lot of us bucks, thinking with your bean can lead to exposure and prove to be a major liability.