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  1. That's it AZ, found this video on youtube. Thanks Found it not far from where I found you. Lol. You should have stayed a few more days.
  2. Not sure if this I a cannon ball or what. Any ideas? Seems like cast iron. Found at an old dry washing spot in LSD District.
  3. Which bush? 😀😀😀 Few other folks here from the RRPC.
  4. Thought it was going to be good, but the drama took over and that was it for me.
  5. Got luck today, found a '57 Chevy, looks like a little paint and some tires and it will be back on the track.
  6. Yeah I know where it is, can't see too many RV's getting back there, must be tent camping.
  7. Until Bill gets on, you don't need a GPAA membership to stay on State land.
  8. ACE are you coming to the outing, may take it off your hands there.
  9. They were using the aircraft to inspect the area for trails, roads etc. Claim isn't much good if no one can get to it.
  10. Sorry did I leave out that it is a not yet a claim, but an area that is promising and had a positive dowsing test. For what that's worth .
  11. Just met Kevin Hoagland out here at Jack Ass Flats. He had a guy with an Ultra Light investigating a new claim out towards other GPAA Claims. He flew over the perspective site and took a video for possible ingress points. Kevin said it's much better to have a guy with eyes on the ground than using a drone as they have done in the past. I told Kevin it reminded me of the Gyro Copter guy from Road Warrior, he laughed and said he thought the same thing. Can't wait to get out to some new claims!
  12. Got my 35ft motorhome to the entrance of Lost Treasure Mine no problem. Also on Harquahala Mine Rd, either from Salome or I10. There are GPAA Claims there, but there are also other claim markers within the GPAA boundries. I talked to Kevin Hoagland about them and he said ignore them, the GPAA coordinates are soild. There are shafts and addits everywhere and most are fenced off. I did go into some of the addits but stayed clear of shafts. Jeff Williams suggested detecting just east of the Cemetery, but there is so much trash, you might want to try a small coil. I found no gold searching 3-4 days, cool area though.
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