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  1. Now asking $4.75 mil according to the realtor's web site. http://www.luxurydeserthideaways.com/octave.html
  2. Like the senior gent from the coast of Spain whom I worked with as a cable splicer many years ago would say in a very heavy Galithian/Spanish accent "Kid, I am like the Channelockers; flexible and adjustable." No issues here. Thank you Mr.Southern for making this venue available to us all.
  3. Nice gold. But then too, I can't say I've ever seen gold that wasn't nice either. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks for sharing the info. Sincerely, Your favorite "Outage Coordinator"
  5. Just as a warning, ADOT in their never ending Loop 303 vs Grand Ave (this has to be a cost + contract at the rate they are moving) project of the millennium, from 9:00PM Friday evening until 7:00PM Sunday afternoon will have Grand Ave blocked from the Loop 303 overpass to RH Johnson Blvd. The alternate for those of you who aren't familiar with the area is to take Bell Rd to the 303 north and have the pleasure of waiting in line to get off the 303 at Grand Ave. From the ADOT web site: "Grand Avenue (US 60) closed between Loop 303 and R.H. Johnson/Sunrise boulevards from 9 p.m. Friday to 7 p.m. Sunday (March 20) for bridge work. DETOUR: Loop 303 and Bell Road will serve as primary detour routes. Please allow extra travel time and consider other alternate routes if possible." Believe me, having gone through this a few months back, they are grossly understating what is going to happen with the closure of Grand Ave. with the statement :"...allow extra travel time..." The funny part is there isn't any practical way to get around this road block other than Bell with ADOT's "alternate routes" being to head out west on I-10 and head for Vicksburg-Aguila-Wickenburg on US 60. If by chance you get all the way down to RH Johnson on Grand Ave, you don't need to back track all the way back to get on Bell Rd.. Simply turn left into the entrance of Sun City Grand and cut through there. It's a straight shot to Bell Rd at the end and there's only a few stop signs. Once you get to the end of Sun City Grand, make a right onto Bell and you'll come up to the Loop 303 north entrance a mile or so down on your right.
  6. Black Widows to be sure with the wind howling away. Been there, done that and never regretted the choice.
  7. At that rate I'm surprised that boot tacks haven't been classified the same way. Or have they?
  8. I dunno.... It just doesn't make sense to me to spend gobs more $$$$$ to find the same junk I'm finding now. Just my 2 cents,
  9. Swamp, you and I are talking about the same place so far as where the "present" office is purported to be located. As you are heading north on RT89, the "office" is the last building on the right before the gas station/Family Dollar store. There's some sort of sign on the outside of the run down white building that said was the location of the original trading post in the area. While I was there at the building there was a small flea market of sorts and I asked someone there if they knew anything about the club. From where we stood at the front of the building, they said the man who was in charge of memberships lived in the direction of a low level white water tank we could see at the foot of a hill that was north west of where we were. The note with instructions to call "Dan" with regards to memberships for the Weaver District Club was in the window in the front of this building. He said to come to his house, Weaver Mountain Estates(?), to purchase a membership. His directions led us in the same direction as the water tank that someone had pointed out to us. Some how we got twisted around and with lousy Verizon cell phone coverage I couldn't get back in touch with "Dan" to find him. Back in early 2008 as I recall, the bar up the road at the time was called the "Frog Rock Grill". http://foodio54.com/restaurant/Congress-AZ/99b99/Frog-Rock-Grill This is where a gentleman named Les had the club office and I purchased a membership from him at that time. What's interesting, when I went to make sure the bar was named Frog Rock, a "mining expedition" site showed up at the same location : http://www.frontiergoldprospecting.com/ I didn't see any sign of such an organization when I went to the bar to query about the Weaver club nor did anyone I asked there say anything about them. It's such a small place I'm sure that anyone there would have known about it if it was still there. In fact, it was at the bar where the barmaid told me about Weaver's "new" location back up the road. The "Frontier Gold Prospecting" web site says it has been around since 2013. Could this be an "offshoot" of the Weaver Club? Just like in the old days, it seems that mining the miners still has the best return on investment if you don't have a conscience.
  10. Here's something to think about regarding unimproved/dirt roads here and the county's dust control rules... Back where I came from, a part of the USA far, far away, I lived in a small community of some 4500 people, yet not all that far from the civilized world. In this little town we had ONE dirt road. Yes, that's right just one. One time while I was at the town hall I asked someone about it, and why it was never paved. The answer I got was "Oh, it's a money maker for the town." Huh? They went on to explain, "Well, the town receives Federal funds to maintain that dirt road, and the money we get far exceeds the actual cost to maintain it, thus, it's a money maker for the town." Hmmmm....a money maker for the municipality......hmmmm. Now, understand, in many parts of the US, roads not owned and maintained by a municipality at any level, in areas of large amounts of residential development having been allowed, is really not the norm. So, I wonder.... How many miles of unimproved roads does Maricopa county claim to have jurisdiction over, and doesn't in reality, and submits these as a part of a request for Federal funding to maintain? And, at the same time make an "appearance" of trying to maintain air quality compliance by restricting a hand full of people from outdoor activities. Last week I called the State Land Trust office and asked why suddenly parts of Dove Valley Road just west of 163rd Ave. are blocked, yes a public road blocked from public access. I was told it was at the request of the City of Peoria due to dust control issues. The person I spoke with said they also had the same request from the town of Buckeye with regards to OHV no longer allowed on the west side of the White Tanks and that DPS was enforcing that in that area. Does anyone else see this happening elsewhere? I had to laugh on the phone, and even the person I was speaking with had to chuckle when they realized where it was this was being done.
  11. We went to the Weaver Club office at the Frog Rock Cafe the weekend before this last one. I was told they had moved a few years back to a new location, the old trading post on the right where they hold the impromptu flea market on weekends it seems. A note on the door there said to call a man named Dan. Called Dan, explained I wanted to purchase a membership. Told me it was $75. I told him I didn't have that much cash on me to which he said he would take a personal check that I had. He gave us directions to his home. Off we went. Couldn't find his home. Tried to call him back several times but kept on getting this strange message on not pushing the "send" button, etc. Never got through to him. Gave up, came home. Sorta glad it all happened the way it did now. If anyone is interested, Dan's number is 928-427-3844. The End.
  12. Very cool ! Thanks for sharing.
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