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  1. Now asking $4.75 mil according to the realtor's web site. http://www.luxurydeserthideaways.com/octave.html
  2. Like the senior gent from the coast of Spain whom I worked with as a cable splicer many years ago would say in a very heavy Galithian/Spanish accent "Kid, I am like the Channelockers; flexible and adjustable." No issues here. Thank you Mr.Southern for making this venue available to us all.
  3. Nice gold. But then too, I can't say I've ever seen gold that wasn't nice either. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks for sharing the info. Sincerely, Your favorite "Outage Coordinator"
  5. Just as a warning, ADOT in their never ending Loop 303 vs Grand Ave (this has to be a cost + contract at the rate they are moving) project of the millennium, from 9:00PM Friday evening until 7:00PM Sunday afternoon will have Grand Ave blocked from the Loop 303 overpass to RH Johnson Blvd. The alternate for those of you who aren't familiar with the area is to take Bell Rd to the 303 north and have the pleasure of waiting in line to get off the 303 at Grand Ave. From the ADOT web site: "Grand Avenue (US 60) closed between Loop 303 and R.H. Johnson/Sunrise boulevards f
  6. Black Widows to be sure with the wind howling away. Been there, done that and never regretted the choice.
  7. I was surfing one of the Phoenix based prospecting clubs news letters and found that there is currently underway an effort to permit metal detecting on AZ State Land Trust Land. Since I couldn't reach the gentleman to gain his permission to put his comments in their entirety, I've edited them so as to be able to provide the gist of what he was asking his club members to do: "I've been chatting with an Arizona State senator, Barbara McGuire (long time friend), and she is trying to help us metal detectorists with the issue of not being allowed to detect on state trust land. She
  8. This isn't headline news by any means as it has been on the Minelab corporate site for a few months now it seems: News for 2016 15 Jan 2016 Minelab Wins Contract To Develop Metal Detection Technology US Army Next Generation Handheld Multisensor DetectorIn 1999, Minelab was selected to develop the metal detector sensor for the US Army’s revolutionary Handheld Standoff Mine Detection System (HSTAMIDS) which combined metal detection and ground penetration radar. Following extensive trials, HSTAMIDS entered into service with the US Army under a Full Rate Production contract that resulted in more
  9. That may well be. Minelab's instructions say just request one without any distinction of being a dealer or a customer. When you go to the Minelab site about using their "Handi Viewer" it tells you exactly what you are supposed to see when you use it. My guess is that Minelab uses that as an excuse to get you in front of a Minelab dealer.
  10. At that rate I'm surprised that boot tacks haven't been classified the same way. Or have they?
  11. I saw this GPX 5000 on Ebay (391399330211) and queried Minelab USA via email regarding the serial number on the unit. In the end the person at Minelab replied "I can't say 100% that it is a counterfeit, however none of the serial numbers listed on the main unit, and coils comes up in any of our databases," I've emailed the seller, who happens to have a pretty decent feed back record, and advised them to take it to a Minelab dealer for verification. This all started when I requested a "Handi Reader" from Minelab to verify that the hologram was genuine or not. They told me that they only send
  12. I dunno.... It just doesn't make sense to me to spend gobs more $$$$$ to find the same junk I'm finding now. Just my 2 cents,
  13. From page BH-12 of the file that nvchris attached the link to: "The second legislative proposal institutes a leasing process under the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 for certain minerals—gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, uranium, and molybdenum—currently covered by the General Mining Law of 1872. After enactment, mining for these metals on Federal lands will be governed by the new leasing process and subject to annual rental payments and a royalty of not less than five percent of gross proceeds. Half of the receipts will be distributed to the States in which the leases are located and the remaini
  14. Swamp, you and I are talking about the same place so far as where the "present" office is purported to be located. As you are heading north on RT89, the "office" is the last building on the right before the gas station/Family Dollar store. There's some sort of sign on the outside of the run down white building that said was the location of the original trading post in the area. While I was there at the building there was a small flea market of sorts and I asked someone there if they knew anything about the club. From where we stood at the front of the building, they said the man who was in cha
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