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  1. Happy B-Day buddy! Hope you dig up a bunch of presents when you get out to the "Birthday Patch"!
  2. Hey all, Just got back from a couple days in Gold Basin on my way back from Washington. Weather was cool enough to enjoy a couple days camping with my sweetheart and try out an equinox 600 that I picked up recently. Iv head of lots of people having success with the 800 but not too much said about the 600 accept a few things that Steve over at DP had writtin. So I figured Id share my experience using the 600 with the 6" coil. We went back to an old patch there where Iv had luck before did a little scraping and viola! picked up one with the SDC right away. So we pulled out the 600 and did some more scraping and picked up our 1st nugget with the equinox! We spent all day there picking up dinks, and some really dinky dinks, which I thought was darn impressive... Anyway, my set up may not have been ideal as Im just learning this machine, but I thought I would share what worked for me there.. Field 2 Sensitivity 17-20 -9 through -1 blocked out everything else accepted 2 Tones Tone break at 0 iron bias 0 Ground Balance manual recovery speed 3 I didnt know what to expect from the 600 vs the 800 but since i had no experience with either it didnt matter.. But now I am fully convinced it (600) will find small pieces of gold with ease.. (under the right conditions of course) I didnt try the park or beach programs, but would toggle over to the all metal every once in awhile but otherwise just kept it in field 2. It was stable at sensitivity 17-18 but if you watched the numbers the hot rocks were bouncing all over the place from 6-12-26+ with an erratic tone. But when a 1-2 flashed in between and locked on it was surely a small piece of gold. (only one bb and one piece of lead out of 20 targets, yay!) Since id already cleared any bigger easy nuggets/trash from this spot I had no problem just ignoring anything other than a 1 or 2 on the Target id. We had a great time out there in that beautiful spot, and my sweetie had no problem finding nuggets with it! The smallest lil nugglets are tiny, it took 3-4 of them to make a grain. BTW Bill if you read this: Thanks for posting your vids using the equinox, kinda the reason I decided to give it a try. Hope everyone is getting out there now and enjoying the almost fall weather!
  3. Nice going guys! Good job on the Vids too, beautiful country and georgous gold!
  4. Hey Congrats on another successful trip around the sun, glad your on this earth! Looking fwd to getting out with you guys again soon! cheers
  5. nice one Dave! I did the same thing last time up in gold basin, got a screamer in a pack rat den... took some courage to dig it out but was worth it!
  6. I Picked up a GB2 recently and got a chance to hit my micro patch for a trial. My first GB2 nugget weighed in at .5 of a Grain.(the small one..;-). Hey Boulderdash, I finally went full micro! Luckily on the way out to my spot I ran into someone here from the forum who is a wiz with this machine, he was kind enough to show me how to use it! id been using the PI for so long now I actually didnt know how to ground balance the thing , now im hooked...
  7. Chris and I ran into this guy on the way up wash on sunday, he was still there about 3hrs later and hadnt made much progress!
  8. Went back to micro-ville and picked up a few more in the morning and i think we cleaned the spot out. (yeah right) I found the two bigger ones ( .48, .3g) with the sdc (not selling now adam) in the first five minutes! So funny, missed both of them after many times detecting this spot (3x15ft area), just goes to show ya never get it all... Just for reference, this is right next to the road on a club claim, just sayin...
  9. *****BEST OFFERS or trades considered on all items, need to clean the shack out a bit.....
  10. ******BEST OFFER and interesting trades considered....... and free delivery to the nuggetshooter outing!
  11. haha.. yes, agreed... heavy, but still a good coil and if ya need a bigger mono and dont have 350+ for a new condition coiltek or nuggetfinder... this will do the job.
  12. I agree with everyone here, its tough going, but if you feel inclined toward the adventure then go for it! Iv done a good bit of traveling up and down the coast and the western states, exploring the hinterlands, camping, prospecting, etc... The beauty and expanse of the Western US is just stunning! If you have the means AND time, which is so rare these days, get after it! Tom said it all.... Heres a few of my suggestions since you asked: 1. Since the seasons are so important in prospecting and camping, plan out a basic route to your target goldfields based on the time of year. Its possible to plan a route that follows the endless summer/fall from south to north -North to south, iv done it, its awesome. I love this country.... High desert in the spring, rivers in the fall....low desert in the winter.. perfect. 2. Join a bunch of clubs that have claims in the areas your interested in. Having a place to start in each area will help in so many ways. Iv gotten pointy fingers to great areas just by calling the president of local clubs and introducing myself as a new member. And dont let anyone tell you the GPAA claims are worked out, they are not, ill leave it at that. 3. Minimal gear: Heres whats in my truck kit: Gold pan, custom small shovel, crevice tools, small sluice, rock hammer, crow bar, sucker tube, 1/4 inch classifier, hand lens, snuffer bottle, etc. not much more.. Detectors: SDC, GPX 4500, Falcon MD 20. I always wish I had an Equinox when i arrive at some remote swimming hole or beach, or old homesite though.. I wouldnt carry around the big guns like a dredge/highbanker etc, until i prospected out a good concentration.... add to the kit on a need to basis. 4. Find someone to show you how to use the gear. Big learning curve, If id had just one person show me what little i know now id been years ahead! But this forum is what got me over the 1st nugget hump and beyond, 5. expect to have fun! This adventure of finding gold and traveling up north each season, looking for crystals, fishing, camping in amazing places, soaking in remote hot springs, meeting all kinds of characters, and just being out away from the city- grind has been so rewarding. Oh and if you do decide to go for it, please keep in touch here on the forum and share your experiences, im sure people would love to hear about your adventure!
  13. Hey, Iv got the Minelab 12x15 mono coil, (i got it from Rob at Robs detectors a few years ago) excellent condition with very little wear, a few dirt blemishes but essentially new. $150 cash or trade. (maybe a small mono coil?) Ill be at the outing so can bring it along, otherwise pick up in Tucson.
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