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  1. Great work with SDC. I purchased my SDC when it first became available and initially had excellent success on a "worked out" club claim in Montana. Since then many club members have acquired SDC detectors and have hit the claim hard. As a result my production has dropped off this summer. My prospecting cohort purchased an evolution coil for his 5000 this spring and he did really well this summer finding many "SDC size nuggets". Many were at depths I could not match with SDC and, in addition, he bagged a 5.4 gram beauty. Clearly developing technology allows us new successes in old areas but new technology is expensive and this hobby is already expensive. The most prolific member of our club is reportedly now carrying two detectors when he hunts. I have trouble carrying one.
  2. The nugget used for the pedant was one I found many years ago with an original Gold Bug Detector. Not finding any this size anymore. Think she will like it?
  3. The Montana contingent all admire how Montana Swinger can dig. He earned every one of those nuggets. I had already pulled over 8 grams off the top of the area where he got them.
  4. There is no question that mining and prospecting are under siege. As a young man growing up in a mining family in Marysville Montana I was able to roam free and prospect on the mining and ranching properties nearby. Owners all said go for it. Most of the placer gold bearing gulches in Montana were taken up long ago with patented claims intended for mining . Through the years these clams were bought cheaply by ranchers and now many are in the hands of rich our-of-state interests. Most harbor massive trophy homes with "keep out" signs on all gates which in many cases prevents access to forest service beyond. The intent of the original law was that patented claims were for mining purposes but that has been turned on its head. We are in a losing fight to keep what we have so let's make the most of it while we can. Cheers.
  5. Beautiful gold! Good to see you two are still on your game. It is only just now getting up in 80 degree range up here in Montana and we have had lots of rain. No dry washing but finding a few grams with the SDC.
  6. For those asking where I found it--it was right next to that La Cholla plant that embedded a big ball between my thumb and index finger. Pulling it off made me bleed like a stuck pig and It hurt! Yes BD it was in the area I told I was going to check. I will call you Thursday night. You told me there was gold there and again you were right. Tom-- I am not going back to Montana till it warms up. I like your sunshine and the "desert rats". I was using the SDC2300 and the gold was on bedrock.
  7. . I wish every day could be this much fun. Makes up for all those days of digging junk.
  8. Sonora: You might consider starting your search on a club claim (perhaps GPAA) where others have found small nuggets with detectors. I found my first sdc 2300 nugget on such a claim and it was within a foot of two other dig holes. I have found that when I am searching for a new area to detect I spend many days coming home to a wife who asks why I didn't get anything. I do find my 2300 to be much less effective without head phones. Don't get discouraged. This activity can be humbling but it can also be rewarding even if not in a monetary way.
  9. BD scared the h**** out of me. These new Black Widow head phones really blank out ambient noise and I will have to be careful in Montana when nugget shooting in Grizzly bear habitat. My SDC 2300 was able to hear those small targets that BD found but all I found was an Arizona skunk.
  10. Wade needs to have a Montana ATV since they come with electric hand warmers, thumb warmers, and a snow plow. It was 7 below zero here last night so I am staying close to the wood stove while viewing all the gold you folks are pulling in. I am especially happy to see all the nice finds of BD and Adam.
  11. The beautiful nugget in the Montana Tech mineral museum was found in the Highland mountains south of Butte. It is my understanding that the nugget went out of the washing plant over the stacker and was found on top of the tailing pile. I have detected in that area and have found lots of square nails, bullets, shell casings, and hot rocks.
  12. Some of my Montana SDC2300 gold found this summer. The smallest " nugget" weighs in at a whopping .o4 grams and the largest at 2.01 grams. We are snowed in, the ground is frozen, and I have cabin fever but I will be in Arizona next month and hope to meet some of you.
  13. Swamp-- BD put me on the bedrock and my sdc2300 nugget scores both in Montana and Arizona have come mostly on or near bedrock. I struggle on large open hillsides.
  14. Thanks Wade. We hope to be in Arizona next month and I would like to meet some of your nugget shooter friends.
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