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  1. Thank you for the info . I really dig rocks I just don't know much about them. Trying to learn because they are like time capsules.
  2. I found it in new Egypt nj near a big ravine almost like a sink hole in the woods it has a stream that winds through it. I wondered to if it was a fossilized egg. Maybe ?
  3. I scratched it and it's hard to say it has a reddish hue to it but extremely faint and kinda hard to catch. And that's a two by six in the first picture . I'm we dig holes in the ground for pole buildings so I find a bunch of different rocks and I never saw anything like it.
  4. Oh I only work there, but there is some beautiful places in New Jersey. There are no seashells in it but I will try scratching it. You guys are the most helpful bunch ?????thanks
  5. It's about three inches of egg shaped rock, I'm sure it's a rock and the slag lookin stuf has a bounce of little different colored stones in it. It was found on the edge of a pasture that was never farmed. It has some solid black areas and some rusty dirty spots that don't clean of with water .
  6. There were quite a few of them around I picked up this o e because it looked like an egg. What do you think it is ?
  7. Found this rock in New Jersey there was quite a few around there but I picked up this one because it looked like an egg. What is it ?
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