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  1. Great finds and pics Mike! It's definitely an odd looking meteorite.
  2. So cool, Mike. Those mini regmaglypts are awesome.
  3. Was watching One Strange Rock on Netflix this past week and it's a fantastic show. Figured that people here might be interested in it because it touches on many different space topics, astrobiology, and extreme locations here on Earth. Many famous astronauts share their perspectives and Will Smith does a good job narrating it. The second episode briefly talks about meteorites and the impact that wiped out the dinosaurs.
  4. What an awesome find Rocky! Your hard work and diligence paid off. There must be several more pieces out there! Also, let me know how much you'll be selling some of your pieces for!
  5. Mike, do you know if there's any way to stream this online?
  6. Wow, as a Minnesotan, the Anoka Iron meteorite picture really intrigues me. Very similar features! I've never seen a rock like this posted on this forum. Good luck with the analysis. You mentioned you're in Milwaukee... Where did you find this rock?
  7. Vladimir, The rock that you posted is clearly not a meteorite.
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