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  1. That's pretty cool that you found the connecting pieces definitely a rare find.
  2. Those would definitely strike my eye as well. looks pretty good to me!
  3. That isn't such a bad idea I might take you up on that.
  4. Well it was a fun journey but its looking like it might be the end of the road for this particular piece I'm going to continue to keep an eye out.happy hunting for you all.
  5. I have got a magnet underneath the Frisbee!
  6. Well I did a pin test the flakes don't appear to crumble looks like they fold and dent into a ball ,I'm thinking if it is gold its probably mixed with pyrite.like I've said before gold and pyrite travel together.So if there is gold there unless you want ingnots of gold and pyrite.gona probably need some other way to get the purity.
  7. Here is the video keep your eye's on the finer mesh there on the left potion of the screen.Like I said the gold pieces are very tiny and can be seen with the eye a little better.But there does seem to be quite an abundance of them. I'm no expert but i'm thinking chemical extract for this one.
  8. This is about half of that one gram piece in the green Frisbee gold pan, I'm seeing lots of very very fine gold flakes.If it is gold i'm thinking that the pieces are so small that panning might not get you very far.Like i said there are lots and lots of tiny gold colored metal flakes.Far more can be seen with my eye than with the camera. the vid is uploading to you tube will be ready shortly. Here is a pic any way for now.
  9. I got the frisby gona crush it in a coffee can!
  10. . You all seem to have a pretty good idea at what your doing with the pan, This rock may be just the tip of the iceberg literally . I'm gonna crush the small piece at some point here for sure and attempt to pan at least with a Frisbee until the gold pan comes in the mail, that rock is is a little on the hard side its literally like a piece of steel i actually had to cut that little piece off with a hack saw, at one point there i took a 5 pound sledge hammer to it with not much more than a couple scrapes ima try and fashion some type of mortar and pastel i'm sure one way or another ill get er d
  11. I may have to invest in a pan sooner than later I rather do it with atleast alittle rechnology. If your gona do something do it right.The tiny one gram peice may be subject to the crusher I'll keep ya posted.
  12. I defiantly would like to get it identified locally, but with the economy the way it is around here I'd probably have to take leaps and bounds and jump through hoops to get er done.Not to mention with industry the way it is.I've been considering grinding it up or a portion of it via bench grinder.If there's a chemical way to extract or if panning is the answer I'm still uncertain. It certainly wouldn't take a whole lot of effort to to pan once all ground up I'm sure with alittle bit of thought taken.
  13. I think from what I've been reading it might be a piece of oceanic crust so either at one point in time the location where the rock was found was once ocean floor and is a product of tectonic plate movement.Either way if it was once oceanic crust.It could have been deposited glacially,I think the location in question however may be on the tip or end of the green stone belt so if it is green stone there could very well possibly be a vein.But like I've said before I still haven't found one like it. weather or not there is or isn't a lot of gold in the piece as a project or competition if some m
  14. well I'll defiantly keep a look out for some good au.I guess the gold extraction is possible with enough elbow greese.
  15. I've been looking up arsnogoldpyrite gold ore and green stone gold ore,or sometimes green shist getting quite a bit of info from looking up these rocks.Check into that if it tickles your fancy.Here is a vidya for your viewing pleasure .Also hear is a close up pic of the rough interior of a piece that got chipped off so you can see the metal grains .
  16. In the pics in the link on the lower rite side of the page look very similar to the one i have.
  17. Alright I'll come clean about the location, its actually the oldest earliest Indian civilization found in NY,on lake lamoka the area is kind a like a everglades of the north and is the most fertile of all the finger lakes beleive it or not it's a small lake but its true.Set in the lamoka valley there is a lot of rocks tossed up by the glacier that passed through. I was walking though the thickest of swampland one day and in the middle of it all sat a boulder taller then myself and I'm 6 feet at least and at least twice as my height in length and width.It is on protected land but I grew up ther
  18. curious to see what the ingot would look like if refined wanna melt that junk into a metal bar either way. wheres a foundry when you need one.
  19. I would try to grind up some more and pan it for the hell of it but no pan! Never tried it before!
  20. The location I don't want to disclose as of yet.I will tell you that it was found near or on a ancient Indian land.I still haven't found another one like it.so your saying that it's not free of gold! Well the yellowish color is seen by the naked eye better than the camera,the pics don't do it much justice I know gold can be seen in almost any light but if it's mixed with another metal it characteristic's may not always be consistent as with pure gold! Like I said gold and pyrite are sometimes mixed in together.That's my conclusion as of right now that's the closest thing that I can pair it to
  21. Here are a couple of pics of the interior the metal veins are reflected good in the dry pic i used a little rubbing alcohol to get a wet look to extenuate the yellow color of the material. If you can zoom in on the pics it shows a little bit more detail .
  22. The detector is a sears tr-discriminator alittle on the vintage side but once you get a feel for all the ins and outs can be quite the effective tool idk I was gonna shoot for something newer but went the extra mile for it just because it's old technology doesn't necessarily mean bad technology a larger coil is always nice though. Defiantly curious to know for sure if there's gold in there from what I've been reading I think there's a sporting chance. And if it is just gold mixed with pyrite get enough of them could have some substantial gold! I did happen to take a edge to a belt sander to ge
  23. As of right now i don't have any way to crush it is a extremely hard rock and a sledge hammer barely phases it. yes i took a big hammer to it i did get some sparks though.
  24. The detector does indeed pick it up. i tried the pin test and is a little bit on the hard side but with enough pressure i did get some dust to break off weather or not it is malleable im still uncertain the pin may have made a dent or my pin is now dented . I did happen to check it with a magnet and is surprisingly very magnetic lol witch is probably not a good sign but i read somewhere that rocks like this could be pyrite and could still host some gold and the potential gold harvest could still out way the cost to harvest it . so if the detector picks it up and is magnetic its got to have s
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