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  1. One last find my buddy nailed up white elephant wash...2.2 oz!
  2. Recent finds...3.5 grammar in hand and next to quarter , two .25 grammars in pan found next to each other left in worked crevice.
  3. Just try looking at all the fresh digs...80% or so of most of my gold found has been left by other prospectors...especially the areas worked down to bedrock!
  4. Nice lil’ 3.5 grammar found at gold basin last week....along with some recirculating finds and 10 other monster nuggets 😁
  5. Jobe wholesale has some nice “gem display” cases. Got this one for a gift so don’t know where it was purchased
  6. Three seasons worth of drywashing and detecting finds here for full disclosure.... 🙂. Sell most of my drywashing fines for Jeep consumables....
  7. Survived summer and hitting Gold Basin hard again! Gotta love the Gold Monster.....
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