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  1. I am so glad they sent these head phones. The swich on side is an amp, must be ! I went back to same area this morning and the signal quality was much brighter, superb quality! My Jimmy sierras and grey ghost now take 2nd & 3rd behind the Link Technology phones.
  2. Well my Australian package arrived today, was shocked when inside was a set of Head Phones. Have about 7 pair now ! These however were the most expensive!
  3. Awesome, so do you now own a couple of gpz 7000's ?
  4. We will see, I'm not one to return anything. I'll post review after 3-6 months. The video on YouTube was pretty impressive !
  5. Some very interesting replies here. I have worked in law enforcement for afew years. Been shooting for over 40 years. Now, let me say that a Glock with 15-17 rounds is my choice, 9mm +p ammo or a 40 cal. For you I suggest 9mm, very quick recovery time. You can own the best firearm money can buy but its just a tool and only as good or capable as the mechanic using it. Your brain, witts and common sense are your best weapon. If I were in bandito territory I would carry a revolver. Leaves no brass if I must leave without reporting. After all in court, he with the most money wins. 22 cal is WORTHL
  6. Why should I return filter ? I have read great reviews.
  7. Thanx guys, and yes I'm pretty familiar with the machines controls turning DD to semi mono and disc mode. My problem is I probably have done to much reaserch, lol. I have the link technologies Emi filter on the way. I think I'm set. Only curious as to whether or not I need water proof coil. I think I have gotten a little carried away, but its just to much fun. It's like it was when I was 16 and getting ready for the deer hunt. Have to have everything I thought I needed to be prepared for the 10 day hunt that only comes once a year. Had to be prepared for anything and everything! I'm sure some
  8. I also have the Gp Extreme and am new to it ! I have the 18" DD, 11" DD, Joey mono and a Coiltek 14x9 Gold Stalker mono Blitz ! I was thinking of adding a Platypus, do I need it or any other coil ?
  9. What would you be willing to sell it for ?
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