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  1. Not sure who you are but I am the guy you're looking for. I am Matt Stempky but I go by Matt S on this forum. I have never stolen another person's identity and I'm not sure how that would benefit anyone on this forum. Believe it or not there are more than one Matt Stempky's on this planet (I've looked). Pretty sure I'm not the one you're looking for
  2. Great find Swamp! Not my area of expertise (I'm sure that can be said about pretty much any thing connected to metal detecting), but I know enough that it would be considered a rare and treasured find. I hope it turns out to be the real deal but either way...Pretty cool!
  3. Nice nugget Tom! If you ever decide to sell it you may want to stock up on a couple more of those idler arms.
  4. Touching on a recent topic, you might want to start think about selling maps to where you have been finding all your gold...so we all don't waste our time there. Very nice gold!
  5. I could really use some maps with the pointy fingers. May 6th May 18th May 19th Thank you Uncle Ron!
  6. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement (and in some cases correction), I do believe I had the correct name of "Jane" while I was in Quartzite but it might explain why my attempts to connect were unsuccessful. I am sorry too, Shep, that I was not able to meet up with you and introduce myself while I was there. It sounds like it might have been a case of poor timing, Hope your vehicle comes out of it ok. It does make me wonder though. I think someone else recently had vehicle trouble in the same area also on this forum. Swamp- I have followed the 'statin' thread a bit and hope that you work out the best course for yourself medically. I myself have to live vicariously through the forum for most of the year so I was glad to finally be able to contribute a bit. I have also brought back a couple of cactus thorns so I can poke myself in the appropriate spots while reading about others adventures. If you like, I can send you a few. My one regret is not being able to meet more of the people I read about so I could put faces to the names. Wish I could go to one of the outings but the timing doesn't really mesh as my landscaping season is getting ready to start again and I have things to prepare. So, keep those stories coming please! They're going to have to hold me over until my next 'fix'. I realize it's going to be a tough act to follow next year but I sure do look forward to trying!
  7. Happy Birthday Bunk! Thanks for helping me get my trip started out right. Hope you had a great day
  8. That is an awesome piece of gold and I am jealous. Congratulations! Sent from heaven indeed
  9. So. Now that my 2016 trip to Arizona is over and I literally have just pulled the last cactus thorn from my body (hopefully), I thought I would let everyone know how it went. I arrived in Arizona in later January with my new to me SDC 2300 and a desire to find a piece of gold with a metal detector as well as doing some general prospecting. I had plans to meet up with Luke J to attend the roadrunners get together at the lsd but when we showed up along with his neighbor Don it seemed it had been cancelled. Undaunted, we busted out our drywashers and spent the day running material and poking around with our detectors. Noone did particularly well, but we spent a nice day there and since it was my first time in the area Luke was able to show me around a bit. The following Monday I had a lesson with Calvin Bunker at his claims in the Rich Hill area. Very nice guy with a lot of prospecting knowledge. At one point I was fumbling with my coil cover, sure that a piece of metal had gotten trapped between the coil and cover (the noisy chatter was unbelievable) and he asked what I was doing. Once I told him he explained to me that what I was hearing was the military jets flying overhead. I do not think I would have been able to figure that one out on my own having never used a PI before. I spent the day poking my coil under every bush I could swing under. At 3 PM, out in the open and nestled in some bedrock I heard a target and dug up my first nugget with a detector(approximately 4 grains). I did not have the sense of euphoria I thought I would however. Maybe because I thought I had cheated by taking a lesson? I don't know for sure. He definitely did not say "there's a nugget there". But it still didn't feel right to me for whatever reason. I spent the rest of the week prospecting with another friend at a GPAA claim further north. Basically crevicing and also doing some detecting there. We both got a little gold and I did manage to pick up my second piece detecting. Again it was about a 4 grain piece and I felt a little better about it because it was in a out of the way wash, I wasn't able to find any more in the area though. That Sunday I met up with Luke J, AZ Mark, and the Toms to search an unproven piece of ground in the Vultures (Thank you all for inviting me). We did end up proving that there was plenty of lead and casings in the area but no one was able to score any gold on that day. I did get some advice for my upcoming trip to Quartzite from the Toms though and with advice to find Shep, Patrick, John or Joan; I headed west. I had big plans for the day. It was my birthday and I knew that I would find a piece of gold for my birthday. As I pulled off the exit for Tom Wells road, however, my truck had different ideas. It died just as I was reaching the detecting grounds. So I ended up in a tow truck heading to Blythe, California. I spent the day at the Ford dealership there. They couldn't find anything wrong. Sent me home without doing anything. I spent the night in the motel and the next morning headed out early determined to get to it. Wouldn't start. Back to the dealership. I will cut this story a little short by saying that wasn't my final trip to the dealership but eventually we got it figured out. I spent a total of about 20 hours (detecting and prospecting) in the Quartzite area and never was able to find any good gold. I also never was able to find Shep, Patrick, John or Joan but I think I was able to amuse a number of people asking around. With the temperatures heating up and my thick Michigan blood boiling, I had to head north again. I spent the next 2 weeks with my friend Dennis poking around different areas and I was able to do some dredging for the first time. Once on the Aqua Fria and once on Black Canyon creek. I also found nuggets 3 and 4 in different areas. Again, both were around the 4 grain area. I thought maybe my detector would only find pieces of gold in that range (joking) but while waiting for material I had dug out to dry so I could run it, I busted out my detector again and doubled my number of nuggets(4 more that day) found in a short time including a rounded 4.5 gram piece. I was very happy with that piece as you can imagine. For some reason that seemed to open up the floodgates. With the exception of the first day detecting after I found those 4, I wouldn't get the skunk again in Arizona. In different areas too. I added a 2.4 gram piece on a day I found 10 pieces. Another day totaled 7 pieces for 2.6 grams. For one hunt I invited Luke J to join me and while I got 5 pieces, he definitely did a little better than I did with his 2. I do not have exact weights for all because I don't even have a scale, but from the weights I do have I estimate my total to be around a half an ounce. The picture groups the pieces by the day they were found including the first four nuggets I found with a detector. I had a great time and am already looking forward to my next trip 10 months or so from now. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. Matt
  10. Thanks Au. I made it to Quartzsite today but my truck broke down as I arrived. Spent most of the day at a dealership in California getting it fixed but tomorrow is a new day. Can't wait to do some belated detecting tomorrow. Not a birthday I will forget any time soon
  11. Congratulations Luke! Nice nugget and I can't believe you are making your own coils now. I agree with boulderdash, "Epic" is exactly what I was thinking.
  12. Thank you all for your welcome, suggestions and advice. Believe me, I can use as much as I can get. I am counting the days until I leave for Arizona and hope I can post a find this year. I hope to see you out there and start putting some faces to the names out there. Matt Rockhunter- Thanks for the invitation. It would be nice to get out when it warms up here and find a little Michigan gold. Nice to know I'm not the only one in the area
  13. Hello everyone. I actually have been following this forum for a while now but this will be my first post. My name is Matt Stempky and I am a 45 year old landscaper who lives just outside of Ann Arbor, MI. You could say that I am a professional hole digger (and filling them back in also). I recently reached out to Luke who I met last year at one of the claims. I was looking for someone to go out prospecting with and he encouraged me to introduce myself to the forum. He assured me that a very high percentage of you would not bite, but made no promises to me that are legally binding. First of all, I want to thank everyone for passing on the knowledge and experience to those of us who are basically just getting started. One of the reasons I have waited this long to post is because someone else has usually already asked any question I might have and had their question answered by someone on this forum. I took my first trip to Arizona last year (December '14-January '15). It was also my first time gold detecting and prospecting. I attended the Christmas GPAA Stanton outing where I attended a seminar given by a key member of this group, Bill Southern. I was hooked. I spent the next month jumping around a few GPAA claims and managed to find a little gold. I met some great people along the way - Bill, Luke, (AZ)Mark, Kevin H, and a bunch of others who may or may not follow this forum. I also met some interesting characters. As soon as my trip ended, I was already planning my next trip and how to improve as a detector/prospector. I still have not found a nugget using a detector but am in no way discouraged by this. I get as much satisfaction panning, dry-washing (who knows if there will be any opportunity for that this winter), sluicing, etc. I still have the GMT that I was using last year, but this year also added the SDC to my collection. I have not been able to get out much with it yet and cant wait to try it out there on the claims. I have also added memberships to Roadrunners and AAGP so I'm looking forward to trying some new areas. Anyways. I just wanted to say "Hi". I will be heading to Arizona in a couple of weeks, mostly the areas in the San Domingos, Bradshaws, Black Canyon City, Vulture, etc. So if you see a Silver F150 with a darker cap out on the claims and it has Michigan plates, please stop by and say "Hi' also. I promise I don't bite either and I would certainly welcome any knowledge or pointers you sent my way.
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