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  1. Not sure who you are but I am the guy you're looking for. I am Matt Stempky but I go by Matt S on this forum. I have never stolen another person's identity and I'm not sure how that would benefit anyone on this forum. Believe it or not there are more than one Matt Stempky's on this planet (I've looked). Pretty sure I'm not the one you're looking for
  2. Great find Swamp! Not my area of expertise (I'm sure that can be said about pretty much any thing connected to metal detecting), but I know enough that it would be considered a rare and treasured find. I hope it turns out to be the real deal but either way...Pretty cool!
  3. Nice nugget Tom! If you ever decide to sell it you may want to stock up on a couple more of those idler arms.
  4. Touching on a recent topic, you might want to start think about selling maps to where you have been finding all your gold...so we all don't waste our time there. Very nice gold!
  5. I could really use some maps with the pointy fingers. May 6th May 18th May 19th Thank you Uncle Ron!
  6. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement (and in some cases correction), I do believe I had the correct name of "Jane" while I was in Quartzite but it might explain why my attempts to connect were unsuccessful. I am sorry too, Shep, that I was not able to meet up with you and introduce myself while I was there. It sounds like it might have been a case of poor timing, Hope your vehicle comes out of it ok. It does make me wonder though. I think someone else recently had vehicle trouble in the same area also on this forum. Swamp- I have followed the 'statin' thread a bit and hope that yo
  7. Happy Birthday Bunk! Thanks for helping me get my trip started out right. Hope you had a great day
  8. That is an awesome piece of gold and I am jealous. Congratulations! Sent from heaven indeed
  9. So. Now that my 2016 trip to Arizona is over and I literally have just pulled the last cactus thorn from my body (hopefully), I thought I would let everyone know how it went. I arrived in Arizona in later January with my new to me SDC 2300 and a desire to find a piece of gold with a metal detector as well as doing some general prospecting. I had plans to meet up with Luke J to attend the roadrunners get together at the lsd but when we showed up along with his neighbor Don it seemed it had been cancelled. Undaunted, we busted out our drywashers and spent the day running material and poking arou
  10. Thanks Au. I made it to Quartzsite today but my truck broke down as I arrived. Spent most of the day at a dealership in California getting it fixed but tomorrow is a new day. Can't wait to do some belated detecting tomorrow. Not a birthday I will forget any time soon
  11. Congratulations Luke! Nice nugget and I can't believe you are making your own coils now. I agree with boulderdash, "Epic" is exactly what I was thinking.
  12. Thank you all for your welcome, suggestions and advice. Believe me, I can use as much as I can get. I am counting the days until I leave for Arizona and hope I can post a find this year. I hope to see you out there and start putting some faces to the names out there. Matt Rockhunter- Thanks for the invitation. It would be nice to get out when it warms up here and find a little Michigan gold. Nice to know I'm not the only one in the area
  13. Hello everyone. I actually have been following this forum for a while now but this will be my first post. My name is Matt Stempky and I am a 45 year old landscaper who lives just outside of Ann Arbor, MI. You could say that I am a professional hole digger (and filling them back in also). I recently reached out to Luke who I met last year at one of the claims. I was looking for someone to go out prospecting with and he encouraged me to introduce myself to the forum. He assured me that a very high percentage of you would not bite, but made no promises to me that are legally binding. First of all
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