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  1. Yes, I think that may be the one! While not as nice as other examples on the internet, the radial structure appears to be the same. Thank you very much for your help Johnno, much appreciated!
  2. Thanks for the replies... I will have to do a streak test, it does resemble the minerals mentioned here.... at least I've got a starting point for some further research! Thanks again everyone!
  3. Ok, I found this rock in Pennsylvania when I lived on Big Dam Road (Which I was told there were plans to flood that area, so the old farm house we lived in may no longer be there) when I was just a boy, somewhere in the 1970's and have held on to it all these years never knowing what type of rock it is. I hope someone can help ID this... I believe I saw a picture of a rock just like this in an encyclopedia that my Aunt and Uncle owned, but can't recall what it is. Sorry in advance for the bad pictures... as the shirt says that my Wife bought me... I am the "Worlds Okayest Photographer" Lol Thi
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