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  1. Me and a new neighbor who is a prospector are coming. Our wives are staying home, ya. Will be bring potluck food.
  2. Two hours of time with your dad is awesome. Congraduations on the nugget.
  3. Nice to have met you Mike. That drone took some awesome pictures. Is there a short video too that you can post. The camp looks different from the air.
  4. Joe Z, the GPAA dropped those claims this Sept. It was do to not to many people using them and the owners of the claims died off. It is now open land unless someone else picked them up. The GPAA only kept Abracadabra 19 and 20. All Calamity claims are gone (open land). This according to GPAP Phoenix chapter.
  5. What is the name of the GPAA claim that we will be camping on? Also my van is two wheel drive and will it get me in and out okay. Have been a GPAA member for 20+ years but have never been to this area. Looking forward to the outing.
  6. I'll bring some potato salad that I'll buy at the store. I don't like my own cooking.
  7. Have it on my calendar, but where do I sign up at. Can e-mail me at aujackgraham@yahoo.com. Looking forward to using my GB2 and getting some tips.
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