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  1. Wardo

    41 LaSalle hood ornament

    I'll say it again, "Incredible!" What an artist! Mike W.
  2. Wardo

    Hood badge for a pedal car

    Tom, That's incredible! What beautiful work! Mike W.
  3. Leave as is...it looks great!
  4. Wardo

    March 2016 Nugget Shooter Outing

    Thank you, Luke, very much! See you tomorrow! Mike
  5. Wardo

    March 2016 Nugget Shooter Outing

    Hey everyone, I'll be leaving SoCal early tomorrow and hope to arrive around noon +/-. This is my first outing with the Nugget Shooters and have not been to the Jackass Flats area before. I just want to confirm that if I remain on Castle Hot Springs and pass Mine Rd, I will run into an open flats area where you folks will be. How far past Mine Rd might it be? Any help is much appreciated! Many thanks! Safe travels to all. Mike W.
  6. Wardo


    Hello all, I am new to this forum and am very much looking forward to the spring outing. I am excited to meet you all and am ready to listen and learn as much as possible over the weekend. Since I've not seen any bean dishes listed so far, I will bring some "smoked" baked beans that I put on the pellet smoker for a couple of hours. Thanks very much for letting me tag along, much appreciated! Mike W.