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  1. What detector you running ? That sure is some small gold
  2. You said " gold " 5 times in your title and description
  3. Looks like shallow ground . must be more there
  4. Nice pieces adam. bet the source isnt far away
  5. yea , can you narrow it down to a township, range & section too ?
  6. Out of all the replies, I wonder how many of you have actually found the source yourselves?
  7. I do not detect in my house. You could use some new louvers for your vertical blinds
  8. Thanks for replys everyone . maybe I should get a 22 pistol to be lightweight
  9. In the southern california desert it is cooling down enough for me to start metal detecting with my new Garret Ace 250 . I hear that there is smuggling in this area and would like to carry a gun of some sort. I was thinking about getting a desert eagle 44 magnum but maybe you kind folks have some suggestions on what to bring with me
  10. That looks like gold under magnification!
  11. Is the cemetery a real one? or a fake replica ? Sounds spooky !
  12. Looks like a great spot for some pickers
  13. I would not play with any dynamite in a shack !
  14. Little San Domingo really needs a major flood event, I mean biblical type. It would be a whole new detecting area with lots of nuggets after that.
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