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  1. Hello all, I originally posted this in the prospector's lounge and am moving it here so it won't bee missed. I just wanted to post this link for Bill, and anyone else interested in Bee keeping technology. http://www.jamesdysonaward.org/projects/bee2bee-pollination-monocultures-new-beekeeper/ Best of luck to you Bill. Every effort we put forth to help God's creatures is a step up on that stairway to heaven. Yes. I'm a Led Zeppelin fan.
  2. Great gold. Thanks for the play by play story. Love hearing about the successes. Now you might try changing up your coils to seek the deeper targets. Slow and steady wins the race, or so I've been told. Lots of luck to you on your next patch visits. Do a thorough search of the surrounding area, you my be surprised. If you can search the other side of the hills in that area, do it. Shoot'em high and shoot'em low, because you just never know.
  3. As Chrisski said, I also think the sheriff's office is the best choice. There may be a missing person's report that has a description of that backpack in it.
  4. I'm not really a gambler at heart, that's why I spend all my free time prospecting, but I'll give it a go anyhow. I know, just call me a mad man for risking it all. May 13th May 14th May 15th
  5. G'day all, may you all have a Merry Christmas 'n' a Happy New Year. Here's to a prezzie full of yella, 'n' may the new year bring plenty of it your way.
  6. Forget the gold nuggets, those sand petroglyphs look to be thousands of years old, they're the real treasure.
  7. I always love looking at the interesting designs that nature molds gold into. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  8. Wow! Nice weekend haul. How in the world could you spot those tiny pieces, were you wearing magnifying glasses? Maybe you can tell me what this eye chart says? I've always wanted to know.
  9. Congrats on the nice gold. I have never seen green gold like that before. Is that your camera that makes it look that color or is my monitor's colors deceiving me? No one else has mentioned it, that's why I'm wondering if it's just on my end. It looks like a clump of green algae to me.
  10. That's a rare beauty! That's got so darn much character. I would take a high resolution picture of it, enlarge, put it in a frame and hang it proudly on the wall.
  11. Nice gold! You know what they say, "A cactus in hand, is better than two in the thorn bush." Or is that a tumble weed patch? I can never remember those old sayings.
  12. I hope you burned that exact spot into your bio-data bank. Me thinks it would be a good idea to hit that spot hard with a tight grid pattern, working out in all directions, with the biggest deep seeking coil you can get your hands on. There could be a traceable vein trend in that area. Or maybe some old time prospector was taking a leak there and got a hole in his pocket and his poke fell out. Those are some great nuggets. It's days like that, that make it all worth while. Here's to hoping you find many more glory holes, and to never being stuck in an empty one. Best Regards, MetalliKile
  13. Thanks for the link Au Seeker. The only posts there that state any technical or noticeable differences are the mention of Fine and enhanced timings, and of the way it handles ground noise and EMI. I'm thinking with the other comments on there that if a person could save $1,000 plus by buying a 4500 and maybe getting a good VLF to boot, that that would be a more practical way to go. Again, thanks for the input guys. Any more tech difference references are still welcome. Regards, MetalliKile
  14. Hello all, I steered someone to this website, because they are pondering which to buy (used). Can anyone enlighten him, and me, on any major advantages of the 5000 over the 4500? As with most things, it will come down to, is it worth the extra dough for a 5000. Or are there any con's to the 5000 over the 4500? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, MetalliKile
  15. Sounds like you had a great day. <3 that nuggy. Do you ever sneaky drop nuggs for the kids to find? Might make for some happy campers the next time you go out. Just put them next to good landmarks in case they miss them, so you can re-find them. Best Regards, MetalliKile
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