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  1. I am very tempted to leach it, maybe not this run, but next. There is much fine clay in this that it turns to chocolate milk. I calculated how long it would take for a speck of gold the size of 100 mesh to sink to the bottom based on water median and the gold being the same as the drag coef of a brick. The calc show that it would sink at a rate of something less than 3 inches per second. So i am shaking it up to suspend the clay and then counting to 30 (secs) before i pour off some of the top. No idea if that is really doing any good or not. But having said that, I tend to think that most of t
  2. I have run almost all through the cube and nothing. Really find it hard to believe that there is not more of the flour/micron gold that i found before. I have one bucket that i have not run. It came from a place that had about a 14 inch drop in 3 inches horz, into a basin (caleche bottom) that was itself 6 inches deep and about 2 feet long before rising again. The feed to this basin is so-so steep for maybe 20 feet. Few cracks in the caleche base of that slope. I am not going to run it through the cube, even though it has caught a few specks of flour and one piece that was maybe 1/32 or so. Go
  3. I would like to come. Bahde group is only about 155 miles from my claim. Have to wait and see. Would hope to meet some of the posters that posted on the topic I started about roasting and such. I am a GPAA member.
  4. Understood. Thanks.. Which gives me an idea for a non distructive mod of Gold Cube. How good it will work? just have to try it and find out.
  5. negitive? Wish y'all would quit apologizing for posting your thoughts... Constructive criticism is always welcome.... What i have to do is find away to tell me if there is any gold in the first place, well there is.... But how really to get it out... It is in the washes and in some of the types of rock that is there. That was the orginal intent of this topic... What is slowing me down from running any substanial amount of material is finding a way do it. Right now i am having to class the buckets to 1/8 and then either haul that to the motel or take home and run through the cube. That is some
  6. The trommel was built for the Gold Cube, just recent new item for it I think. Don't remember seeing it when i bought Gold Cube. Holes are 3/16, bigger than what i would really like. Unsure because there is lumps of clay that i have to break up when class at #8 before running it. http://www.goldcube.net/#/gold-cube-trommel/4587586068
  7. I can understand that results, same as what i thinking will happen to me on an assay. I have just about made up my mind to mount a trommel on the Gold Cube and cut path through the cacti to get my pickup to the backside of the 40. The dry bed on the backside drains a lot more of the hill side. Just lug all of it down to the bottom and toss material in it for a 1/2 a day and see what i have. Lot of claims that the Gold Cube will catch this flour to micron size gold. There is 37 or so buckets to a cubic yard. That's a lot of shovel fulls. My setup now just takes way too long. What i am wondering
  8. I'll search the web for assayers in Phoenix area today and call tomorrow. 2 cents worth is fine.. Got me to thinking about that assay. I want to run more than just one assay. Don't believe that 40ac is the same all over. edit: Found one in Austin, Tx.. According to web site they are in a number of states. Sent email to them. M & K Recovery Group Anyone know or had dealings with them?
  9. Just back from claim. Don't know why i put dry wash, except that is what i would like to use it. Too rugged to get the drywash down to where i want it. The cons i have at this time came from both crevice vacumning and shoveling from selected areas on two of the dry creek beds. I have two full buckets classed to #8. Did not crush any rocks this trip. Ran 1/2 bucket through Gold Cube lots of black sand, too freaking much to suit me. No visable gold, but then trip before you needed a loupe to see it, then some smaller specs appeared at 800x. Actually not looking good. Seems to much black sand to
  10. Yes, your right..... But i gota try....
  11. Trying to figure out the best way to recover two main sizes of gold My claim is covered with ore containing mostly iron pyrite. There is gold in there, but very fine and i mean very fine. Need a microscope to see them. The second size from the dry washer are just big enough (barely) to see with naked eye. As much black sand as there is, I do believe that it may also contain micon gold. For the dry wash cons, I will use a shaker table. (RP4) Like mentioned about about black sand, i do believe i will need to take the heavy tailings and leach it also. The ore that is loaded with the pyrite I want
  12. I sure want/wanted to try that on my bike. Looks like fun.
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