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  1. Thanks. I have been hunting in worked areas I am sure have been detected before. I will be honest, I have not put in the time I think. I mostly try areas by streams, but I am going to try old mine tailings and such like you suggested. I also need to do some research on where hot spots are for nuggets. Thanks again
  2. I had a couple questions that many of you could answer. I am relatively new to gold detecting but I have dredged, sluiced, panned etc. I have owned a cheaper metal detector and had no luck with it. I purchased a Minelab SDC 2300 and have only about 10 hours using it. I have found a lot of trash metal and a couple pieces of copper. One thing I have been doing wrong is not using the headphones, which from here on I will be using. I am in California, around Sonora, and this machine is amazing on hot rocks. I used to get hot rocks ALL the time with my Whites detector I owned. Not with the 2300, but I dig up trash metal all day. Kind of frustrating, and the wife knows how much I spent on the machine so when I get home I hear "Did you find anything?". I say no and she sighs. Is there any tips that any of you could throw my way? Im guessing that I just need to put the time in. I just get anxious when I read topics about people finding gold nuggets everywhere using the sdc 2300 and I live in the richest gold bearing county in California but haven't found anything. Maybe I should save all the metal I get and take it to the scrap yard for money.
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