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  1. 5 hours ago, Morlock said:

    Sounds like a carbonaceous chondrite.

    or an asteroite stony iron that contains over 30% carbon, gases and water with 90° perfect cleavage. also medium+ titanium percentage by wieght. and were found by locating the brunt lumber in the 323 SQ miles for smoke tree zip code 92266.

  2. 1 hour ago, LukeJ said:

    From what I observed, I could make a ring like that.   I have preformed those simple machining operations thousands of times over the years.

    I have never machined meteorite material though.  It looked like a 'gummy' version of cast iron based on the way the 'chips' were forming.

    The etching process at the end, was the only thing in the video that I don't know much about.

    Maybe I should start looking for some of that 'fancy' material he was using.  :action-smiley-068[1]:

    hardest material have machine is titanium, two small pump shafts with a 3/8-16 tread in end of each. had use a new tap on each one. glad me bid time and materials.

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  3. numbers are a post register mail number on native soil.

    maybe you can order online at custom license plates at north mall in Phoenix Arizona. me didn't copy right it. it works any where on mother earth. cost me sixty dollars for four, have three kids and ten grandkids, two turned 18, so will be ordering more. by the way, happy new year.

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  4. knew for years that the america ment land for slaves but today found out what the flag is.

    american flag stands for. george washington personally hoisted the east india flag on january 2nd 1776.

    instead of using the word natives, it's "We The People" slaves to the artificial or fictitious corporate government.

    in arizona CPS lost 550 kids last year under their care. it's believed child traffickers got them. wonder if these young missionaries have something to do with this.

  5. old tom, you are what you eat, when me cut off all GMO foods, alcohol, and only drink good water with spoon of raw apple cider, molasses and a drop of peppermint oil about five years ago me wakes up feeling younger each day without any aches or pains. heart rate of a twenty year old. reason me lives in morristown az is the water here. new bottled water is not at all good for you.

    in eastern imperial county 2012 the BLM contracted with a weldriller to fill all good drinking water wells with concrete. march 2017 went to goldrock ranch to get water. BLM had removed the three faucet's that prospector's been using since 1925. county came out and put a meter on the well.

    there are some good railroad wells in yuma county, but the mormons have blocked them from the natives.

    do harm spirits are tortured, do no harm spirits travel the universe.

  6. those who think america is great should lookup the true diffination for the word.

    every monday november 2016 to october 2017 went to the white owl senior dinner for lunch. they would all face the flag and recite the pledge of allegiance. me would stand, (needed the exercise) and face away from the flag. not one of those seniors ever said anything to me about it.

    still waiting for me benefits for the three tours to nam.

    every cop and judge has thanked me for me services before taking away every thing me has owned. 

    one thing they can not take from me, happiness. spirits who wish harm are tortured, spirits that wish no harm travel the universe. it's your choice.

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  7. 55 minutes ago, matt said:

    Thank you. I (not me) feel better.

    capital letters are patented by the government and they can and do punish you for using them.

    that's why cops pass me by BP waves me through and BLM leaves me alone. they have no authority and no jurisdiction over natives on native soil. they can only deal with legal fiction.

    life is a dream, follow your dreams and you will forever be young and happy.

  8. almost all natives have been enslaved by words. until one returns to mother nature who provides the best education, entertainment and support will continue to be unhappy.

    simple, natives seeking to do no harm require no governments with over 100 million laws and over 280,000 words. negative thoughts lead to unhappiness, positive thoughts lead to happiness.




    1 hour ago, Mikestang said:


    don't know why but mike's title keeps popping up.

    don't worry be happy



  9. 7 minutes ago, Mikestang said:

    I get the impression you lack any credentials, experience, or expertise to produce such a document given this statement alone.  I think you know enough words to put them in an order that appears meaningful, yet lack any real understanding of any subject matter you have broached here thus far.  Good day.

    but...mike, mother nature does life her way not your way.

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