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  1. prevarication is a secret abuse in exercising a public office or commission; fraud. therefore using native jane doe with any or all capital letters, initials or last name first is fraud. those who commit fraud cannot benefit from that fraud. leaves only native jane doe on native soil as true beneficiary/creditor.
  2. To have it sliced wrap it with plastic wrap put some Bondo on a piece of ceramic tile. Then take it to a local floor & tile shop and have slice it. Have had do it free. Can be polish with wet/dry carborundum sandpaper.
  3. Three more quotes, One's moral weakness generate false values that are embraced as valid, which constitutes a clearer form of ignorance. Pure nature, the true divinity... everything else is dogmatic nonsense. Natives seeking to do no harm require no law.
  4. Use dried tart cherries, tablespoon in my oatmeal every morning along with virgin coconut oil maple syrup pink salt. Pour the hot water over the mixture cover and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Sprouts carry all organic food i use. I feel like a thirty year old trapped in an a seventy year old body. Eat no red meat, just fish once a week. Drink only good water, half teaspoon raw cider vinegar and molasses with one drop peppermint oil in eight oz glass. Never eat or drink out of plastic or aluminum unanodized ontainers, it slowly kills us.
  5. "they must find it difficult...those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority". Truth is love, love is truth.
  6. Verona treaty (1845), attorneys as foreign agents as privateers free to plunder america's commerce. We natives must stand together to end this evil. Just say no to the bar-rats running this planet earth. bob
  7. Placer deposits. Residue from meteorites. Last week we dry washed a couple of different washes in the fall area. Saved the black sand, most of which was-non magnetic. Magnet used has a 40lb pull. Was surprised how little the amount of magnetic black sand. Thanks for the interest, bob
  8. Finally found some time to go through the lab reports on the meteorites. They run 5-9 percent per ton ilmenite ore, mineable grade. Ilmenite ore is an ore that can be found only on asteroids. Also it is a common mineral on the moon, running 1-10 percent per ton. Now to get them classified. Any suggestions. Thanks, bob
  9. Finally got out for three days with my grandson to test my 24" tub. Told my neighbor artic Dave that we would get two pounds of gold out of a place never tried before. We got two shunks instead. The 24" tub is to hard to turn when loaded with no more gravel then then the 18" tub, so back to the 18" tub. Sand paper in the bottom of tub doesn't work. but using the side of a utility knife making small v grooves in the bottom & up the sides every inch keeps the gravel tumbling. What dust arises from the gravel is well below your face.
  10. See you have lots of white cubes with the gold and black sand. Save them, they crush easy and have gold in them. Had a place where more gold in the white cubes than the gold.
  11. sorry, hit the post, waited over two minutes, thinking hit preview, waited two more minutes, and hit post again and it popped up. this lap-top is soooooslow, bob
  12. the following are real life experience's. but will start out by words taken from noah webster 1828 dictionary. he gives the history and definitions of each word. available on line free. we universe natives born with birth rites and volition are creations who can not be artificial or fictitious. we were not put on this planet earth to be slaves for corporations/persons or things. capital, head; punishment; death sentence; be heading. therefore, using capital letters to begin a word or sentence kills them. god, may have come from the saxon word good. any person or thing exalted too much in estimation, or deified and honored as the chief good. will tell you later why the corp has not invited me to court since November 2011. squatter, one who settles on abandon/new soil without title/deed. land, bodies for harvesting. corporate human recourses for taxes, permits, regulations. more later, native bob
  13. thanks au seeker, will be posting in the prospectors lounge soon on putting an end to this evil corporate madness.
  14. is the permit only for the vehicle owner or occupants in the vehicle? what if your on foot?
  15. would also like to thank bill for providing one of his cabins to live in. no more driving 60 miles one way for drinking water. bob
  16. back as wet/dry washer; amazed at the number of views; was 3200 when leaving my base camp may 2014; now living in catalina north of Tucson; lot's of river rock around here; even on some hill-tops; have not met anyone here yet to do any detecting since moving here December 2014. to keep the gravel from sliding in the plastic buckets; make some small grooves with a sharp point on the wall couple inches in the bottom or a scrip of 40/80 grit self sticking sand-paper on steel drums. plan making gold basin in November; been without internet service since January 2014. good to be back; thanks to all
  17. been without internet since may 2014, previous name was wet/dry mixer. now live in catalina north of tucson, non-corporate bob

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