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  1. would recommend not using a magnet, fun checking with a compass some have poles others do not. would hunt by sight and carry a camera, take a picture before moving them with an arrow pointing north. find a patch then bring a metal detector. wear a wool black brim hat black t-shirt with long sleeve dark color long sleeve shirt black levi pants and good water. me hunts them in summer months when it's 110-130 degrees in the shade and there is very little shade. meteorites are common, the meteorite market put's word out that they are sarce in order to the price high. five to thirty dollars a gram is insanity. have fun out there. sending you a PM.
  2. for all your negative posts. now have friends in Bosnia, Croatia, Kenya and London. again thanks, bob
  3. some mars meteorites have none to slightly magnetic. have vesicles caused by molten material. no fusion crust. appears to me you have a Martian.
  4. gnats flies and mosiqutoes are like the BLM, they leave me alone. me native who only drinks water, with raw cider vinegar, molasses and some drops peppermint oil. been drinking 1-2 gallons per day for pass six years. in Minnesota last July slept in me tahoe, no problem. nature has a cure everything, she provide's the best education entertainment and support income. natives seeking to do no harm require no government. lanny's writing are very entertaining, makes one feel like being there with him.
  5. back 2009, partner don's wife lives in a home in palo verde ca. county building inspector red tagged her property for having firewood next to the house. she told him it was fossilized wood, his reply was that all wood burns. she received notice to appear in court, El Centro. me appeared for her. to this day they have never bothered her again.
  6. sure is awesome, must have value if someone was trying to steal it.
  7. was it exposed when you moved there, contact someone with a X-RF gun and have scanned. local college help. outer space?
  8. location where found and only one like it? looks like stellate radiating ilmenite.
  9. does the club include southeast imperial county?
  10. contact doctor gross at rutgers. she may not be back from Antarctica yet.
  11. me partner has quite a few ancient palm agate tools. me have found some, look at them but never pick them up. have worked in over twenty two metal and wood working shops we never use another one's tools without permission. that ancient camp me found, large chunk palm agate they chipped their stone tools off of. have to get back there someday take pictures.
  12. California gold rush wash invented by the railroad companies in the southeast, to draw attention from their gold. to this day the railroad is the largest land owner in the world. they control the united nations.
  13. enlisted in navy april 1964, was accepted for an antarctica exposdition in september 1965, but in october they changed it to viet nam, ended up doing three tours in nam when discharged in april 1968. every cop and every judge since have thanked me for me service before throwing me ass in jail. so don't thank me, have had enough jail time.
  14. rock saws are way to slow. can cut 20 slabs 2" - 3" x 1/8" thick in twenty min. and have them within .002". cover the table with seran wrap put some bondo on a tile to use as a base.
  15. why not buy a ceramic tile saw? so much faster and you can trapped the rocks in bondo or plaster of paris, cut slabs etc.
  16. have tired in past eleven years to find an university on this planet earth to accept me fall rocks. all me got back was a blast of BS. this morning received email from identification team. angela marmont centre. natural history museum. cromwell road, london. SW75BD. that they have recieved four samples and my writings. they were excited jest looking at the pictures me sent to them two weeks ago. email them your pictures.
  17. me was only reffering to the one trip that he made where he and his friend dug it up. as mike was digging his friend bet him $20 it was not a meteorite. mike won.
  18. mike miller in kingmen has hunted glorieta, there is two types of glorieta's, siderite and pallasite, which he found a 25 pounder.
  19. wit, don and me made a trip to red cloud mine north of yuma in 1975. wit went down on a boarswain chair and very carefully chip them out and fill an egg carton. ended up with 18 dozen. red crystals. sure didn't take long to sell them. don has a couple left in his show case, along with a fozzelized 7" rib bone with many other gem stones. every time me stops to see don, admire them. .
  20. found the analysis for the sample me took from it today. same analysis as the asteroite fall rocks. that analysis was taken a month after being kicked off ebay. took eight samples in that valley, they all showed minable ilmenite, but not the other elements as this one did. the lab recommended we contact rio tino, same evil outfit that took over our gold claims at glamis ca. it has the exact percentages as the fall rocks. everything happens for a reason, that's why having patience pays off.
  21. back in 1975 moon lit night woke up had to piss. put on steel toe and heel high top boots walked around the cornen of the cabin felt it hit me in the heel so steped on it's head. next morning pulled out three fangs, two together one single caught between leagher and steel. glad me did not put on slippers.
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